Monday, August 1, 2011

With a Little Help

If you know us in real life, you know that the past week didn't allow a lot of time for working on projects at home.

But we still made a little head way.

Back in June, we had a terrible storm one evening. The high winds blew over a tree in our pasture next to the fence. We knew the tree was slightly rotten. The tree's stump actually had three trees growing out of it. Two of them blew over that night.

One landed in our garden, smashing our compost bin and sweet potato row but only hitting one tomato plant.

The other landed on our garden shed but did no damage.

Ed didn't have time to deal with it. So he pushed the tree off the shed and out of the way of the lawn mower and it sat there ever since. He knew the third tree that shared the same stump should probably come down also.

Last week, at the Dutch Oven gathering, we were sitting around sweating in the blistering heat without the help of even the slightest breeze. I looked over at the garden just in time to see that third tree topple over and land softly on the garden shed.

Again there was no damage! And thankfully the children were not playing near by. Why it collapsed on a perfectly calm night is a mystery.

On Monday, Ed decided to make tree removal a priority. My dad and brother came over and in a short time, all the trees were cut and stacked. We will enjoy this locust wood for heat next winter.

The children's bean teepees had to come down because they were in line with the tree. The beans that were supposed to cover the poles have been enjoyed by the rabbits all summer. I've already planted twice and decided to give it up for the year.

On Saturday, a friend came and helped Ed lay the tile in the mud room. Such a small room only took a few hours, especially with the help of someone who has laid tile before.

If you haven't already noticed how many times I mention brothers, dad, friends, or neighbors - we have been extraordinarily blessed. There is no way this home addition project would be this far without the hours that others have shared with us.


  1. The tile floor looks great! So glad your only damage was to crops (that's sad enough). And yes, you are BLESSED to have willing friends/family who work with you so often ~ Sounds like true "community" to me!

  2. You are indeed blessed with an abundance of friends and family to offer help and support! It's one of the things I miss most about living so far away from any family members. The tile looks amazing!
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  3. wow! you've had quite a week. glad your new addition is almost done. it all looks amazing.


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