Monday, August 15, 2011

Mud Room

Our home addition project is now to the point of finishing little details.

Two weeks ago, Ed grouted the tile and put in the baseboards in the mud room. He also installed a board with some hooks.

I poured over the ideas and photos that you all sent when I asked for mud room ideas. Since this room is small, I wanted to keep it as uncluttered and organized as possible, yet utilize the space efficiently.

I prefer wooden shelving for the "country" look but we decided to use wire shelves. It was super fast  to install, easy to clean, and keeps the space more "open" than heavier shelving.

The goal is to keep the shoes, and "stuff" off the floor to keep the area easy to sweep. I know this will take some training as the usual habit was to dump and drop. So far (three days) placing shoes on the shelf is fun!

One of my favorite things about the mud room is the motion light. Since I'm constantly going through this room on my way to the basement, I never have to fumble for a light switch with my hands full of laundry. Or yell at the children to shut the light off.

The only thing left to do in this room is to add some low hooks under the window for the children's coats. But the weather will have to change before coat hooks are needed. Eventually, I'd also like a little bench but for now a wooden crate is doing duty.

One step nearer final inspection!


  1. I'm so happy for you that your project is almost complete! I'll keep the motion light idea tucked away for the future. That's a brilliant idea! Having a mudroom would be such a blessing! Hope you had a good weekend!


  2. I love the colour paint you chose. The white trim makes it look very crisp and clean. My mudroom could use a makeover...I may glean some of your good ideas and go review the comments offering suggestions.

    Have a blessed week,

  3. Your room looks wonderful Gina. I love the senor light idea. Our basement light is the opposite side of the kitchen from the actual basement door. I am forever with arms full of canned goods having to cross one end of the kitchen to the other just for the light switch. This is what happens in old homes that at one time had all gas lights! Your room is a dream, very practical.

  4. This is a wonderful room! Our old house had a mudroom and it was invaluable!

    I miss having one...

    Yours is so pretty - love the colors you chose!


  5. I love love love your mudroom--especially that sagey green on the walls. I'm sure it won't take much time to train up the kids to put their shoes on the shelves. Nice job!!

  6. Your new mudroom is lovely--such a pretty color, lots of light, and wonderful storage. My son-in-law put a motion light in their bathroom so the light would come on automatically for our four year old grandson who can't reach the light switch. I thought that was really a clever idea. :)

  7. I love how your mudroom looks!! I was wondering if you could tell me the brand/color name of the paint you used--if you happen to remember. We have one little room left to paint in our house and I really like the green you used. I might have to go a shade lighter, as hubby thinks it may be too dark . . . but I think it is a really nice shade of green!

  8. That looks so fantastic. I love the colours too. Such a great space to leave the shoes and coats. I wish we had a space like that. Our home is very small, so no mudroom here.
    Have a wonderful day.

  9. Some shaker style hooks would be great! Etsy has some great reclaimed barn wood examples.

  10. Carrie -
    I'm sorry, I have no idea the brand or color of paint. It was leftover from another project several years ago - and I'm terrible at keeping records of such things!

  11. motion light - how clever!

    we are still in shoe training around here, but we have made progress when I stop and think about it.

  12. I LOVE your mudroom!!We do not have one but they seem like such a good idea.We live in a very old house and there is no room for one but I really think it would be nice.:)The color of yours reminds me of our bedroom in our old house.I loved the color.

  13. Gina - Looks great! I love that green paint and was going to ask you what the name of it is, but I read in one of the other comments that you didn't know. Well, regardless, it looks great!

  14. Motion lighting -- what a great idea! For some reason, I've never even thought about it outside of those fancy public restrooms. Your mudroom is absolutely beautiful!


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