Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer Morning Luxury

One of my favorite parts about summer.

In the fridge is all the fresh fixings for great eggs for breakfast.

My normal morning routine right now (at least several times a week).

  1. Place Grandma's cast iron skillet on the stove, turn on the heat, and throw in some lard.
  2. While that preheats, open up the fridge and pull out some veggies - onion, pepper, zucchini, garlic, tomoto.
  3. Chop up the veggies and add to the hot skillet (hold the tomato)
  4. Toss the veggies a few times as it heats. In a bowl, beat eggs with a little milk and salt.
  5. Pour in the eggs over the hot vegetables. 
  6. Turn once to cook the opposite side.
  7. Flip onto a plate. Garnish with tomato.
  8. Enjoy!
The whole process almost takes longer to type out then to actually do. Maybe not as fast as pouring a bowl of cold cereal, but this is a breakfast with some staying power. 

What do you eat on summer mornings?


  1. That's yummy, Gina! Thanks for the reminder to make it. Our breakfast for the past 3 mornings has been: A fried egg, American cheese, and tomato slices between 2 slices of homemade toast, which is covered with a thin layer of mayo on the insides. No complaints from anyone on the repeats! Thank God for this wonderful summer produce!-Wendy

  2. sounds amazing! i love how easy it is to eat healthy in the summer. makes me happy!

  3. Wendy -

    That sounds wonderful! If my husband sees your comment, he is going to order that for tomorrow! But I'm all out of bread! Missed my weekly baking day.

  4. oh yum - love how practical and delicious that is. We eat granola and milk, or eggs and toast with fresh sliced tomatoes. sometimes bagels (with feta and mint!) and always peaches or cantaloupe.

  5. Oh that sounds very good! I will try that this week. Waffles and fresh friut has been the breakfast of choice around here this summer.

  6. This sounds just delicious, and so does the fried egg sandwich! I will be trying both of these ideas. Thanks for sharing!


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