Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Peach Day

It must be summer! Corn on Saturday, salsa yesterday, and today - peaches!

If there is anything more beautiful than a ripe peach, I'm not sure what it would be.

I can a cling type peach called "All Gold". It is similar to "Baby Gold" but ripens earlier. The disadvantage of cling peaches is the difficulty in removing the pit but we love the quality when canning.

The drought may have affected the size a little, but the flavor, if anything, is better then usual.

If you live local and are looking for cling type peaches, these are the best price and quality I've found. They are just a small orchard with great service - and they are my relatives - so I recommend them heartily!

Since having children, I started dicing all my peaches before canning. It makes it easier to serve since I would be cutting them up for the children anyway.

Sisters are such a blessing - especially when they are sixteen, have their driver's license, and only live 30 minutes away! AND are skilled at homemaking skills!

And younger sisters who play with the children are wonderful, too!

The dishes are washed up and the counter is full of peaches!

One of the jars broke in the canner, three jars didn't seal, and one jar I forgot to fill with water but... still a good day!


  1. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! What memories of living in Modesto area and canning peaches & apricots in HOT HOT Augusst this brings back. My Old German Baptist Brethren girlfriend and I would can together with Cling FREEs peaches the size of soft balls that we self picked from an orchard just behind Castle Air Force where I worked over 22 yrs ago. Seems like just yesterday!!! We washed our peaches off first. Canned the inside & saved all the peals and added sugar and stewed them down to peach butter consistency and canned that and called it PEACH FUZZ JELLY!!! We only threw out the poisonous pits. GREAT FUN & MEMORIES !!! Do you ever make biscuit/piecrust fried pies with these by adding a little small pearl tapioca to the peaches?? SUPER Summer treat!! My Aunt Helen always made them for us when we were kids.

  2. YUM! Those jars look like beautiful jewels there on your counter:)

  3. I like the cling peaches too, which people around here think is crazy. Never heard of the All Gold variety though. I can barely find Baby Gold's here so I better not even attempt to look for All Gold's. :)

    Just a side note, I don't think you ever mentioned the local orchard's name. My mom might be interested in trying there if they are cheaper.

  4. Auntie Pam -
    Never made fried pies - but they sound good!

    I'll email you the phone number and name. And if anyone else local wants the info - give me your email and I'll send it to you. I just didn't want to put the info on the web. And they really do have wonderful cheap peaches!


  5. How many bushels did you can up and how many quarts did you end up with? They looked amazing sitting on the counter. I'm hoping to can some up next week :) I can't wait! I haven't canned peaches in about four yrs. Lots of work, but well worth the effort.

  6. Ohio Mommy -
    I did two bushel. I find that I usually get about 24 quart to a bushel. I was only going to do one bushel this year. Lazy I guess. But we love them and I knew I'd regret if I cut back. And it really went well so I'm glad I did two.


  7. Peaches are on our list of 'things yet to can'. We make pie filling, yum, yum!

  8. Your peaches look good. I also can cling peaches, get Baby Golds from a small Amish store by us. Should be coming in soon. You mentioned that you forgot the water in one jar, do you use a sugar syrup?


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