Saturday, July 24, 2010

Corn Day

Some days you wake up and have no idea what the day will bring forth!

I was trying to think of something fun to do with the children today. Ed was on an overnight canoe trip with all my brothers in honor of my brother's upcoming wedding.

The day was already heating up and staying in the air conditioning was sounding better all the time - when my dad called.
My dad plants sweet corn for the whole family but this year, because of the drought, we didn't expect to get much corn. This morning, my parents went out to the patch to pick some corn - only to find LOTS more than they expected. They picked everything that was ready and decided to call the family together for a corn day!

With all of the guys gone, Dad was left holding down the farm with the women folk. He borrowed a friend's corn silker  which made the silking go quickly.

Not only do I have the world's best parents but also a fun bunch of sisters and sister-in-laws! Many hands and lots of conversation made the day go fast! And the children had a blast with their cousins.

I think we picked the hottest day of the year. It was over 100 degrees in the shade but the result was 132 pint of corn in the freezer! We were amazed to get that much from a patch of short, drought stressed sweet corn. The ears were beautiful and there was not a worm. Maybe it is to hot for corn worms? I just love to see the freezer is filling up for winter!


  1. What a wonderful harvest from the Lord of the Harvest! I think the worms cooked! We have to be careful of the boiling water coming out of the hose, not to burn anyone or anything! I too love to see the freezer and shelves fill up! I am looking forward to Autumn!!!

  2. I did this with my grandma, great-aunt, aunt, & cousin last year and it was soooo much fun! We had enough to last until April and are doing it again this year. Precious memories for me & hopefully for my children too.

  3. That will taste SO GOOD this winter! Yum! We're having our first corn party of the season on Tuesday.

  4. Wow! This is a great haul of sweet corn! How blessed you are to get more than you were expecting... God's provisions are amazing and always perfect!

  5. The picture of your kids in the pile of sweet corn really reminds me of growing up on the farm. My family used to sell sweet corn to the folks in town. I have never seen a sweet corn silker -- didn't even know they existed. Pretty cool contraption.

  6. Wow, I had a corn day today too! Only I was pretty much on my own but I wish I would have had a corn silker thing - I must invest in one for next year..
    Sounds like you all had a fun and productive day

  7. You know what I like...? The smell of the corn as you are husking it...what a fresh,aroma. This looks like fun, heat or not..and what a bounty...Makes me want to pull up a plate and some butter and have at it..Looking forward to the fall and the harvest it brings, even if not from my own little plot...we are thankful none the less.

  8. Putting up and freezing or canning corn is one of my favorite memory as a little girl with my Mennonite Aunties in Oklahoma. Especially since a couple have gone home to be with the Lord and it was they and their now deceased husbands who grew the fabulously delicious sweet corn. Corn on the cob with a bowl of pure melted butter with fresh garlic to ladel over it is the only way to eat it.!!! I still remember when my little sister always asked when we had corn served "Is this corn from the field?" Mom would say yes. My sister was meaning was this the corn that my uncles grew and we had put up or was it store bought frozen corn. Such a sweet memory 50 years later. Sure wish I could have been there helping you!!! Would have been fun !!!

  9. Looks wonderful - what is your method for freezing? And how long does it last in the freezer? I would love to do this.

  10. What a sweet gift...the memories AND the corn, that is!


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