Monday, July 5, 2010

Frugal Gardening Tip # 6 - Walk your Garden

"The best fertilizer is the feet of the gardener."

I was thinking of this old saying last week, while taking my daily walk through the garden.

It may seem unimportant, but a daily walk through the garden is today's frugal tip. Here are my  reasons to regularly walk your garden. Can you think of more?

  • Awareness
A daily walk in the garden, though only taking a few minutes of time, has helped me remember what is coming next and what tasks need done. Right now, our tomato plants are growing so fast, that every day, I walk through and tuck the erring shoots back in the tomato cage.

  • Less Waste
This time of year, just missing a few days in the garden, mean some food may have missed getting picked. It is not just the zucchini (that will grow monster size over night) but I'm picking green beans and the side shoots of broccoli every couple days. I'm constantly surprised, when walking through the garden, to find something that needs picking, and always glad to run back for a bucket to pick a little produce for supper.

  • Preventive
Those of us who avoid chemicals, find that preventive maintenance is the key to bug control. I'm not totally organic but spray only as the last resort. It isn't real hard to pick off a few potato bugs, and I've found, when a few minutes are spent daily, I've completely eliminated the need for dusting the potatoes.(And now that I said that in a public forum, watch us have a potato bug epidemic this year!)
  • Enjoyment
Maybe this is the most important reason to walk through your garden. Most of us garden because we enjoy it. Of course, the food tastes better, and the price is right, but, unlike our pioneer grandmothers, we would have something to eat this winter even if we had no garden. So take some time to enjoy it!

The blistering hot weather these last weeks, has encouraged Ed and I to get out to the garden early. More then once I've caught Ed out next to the chicken tractor, just gazing out at the beautiful morning. I never want to be too busy to just to slow down and appreciate the world God has created.

In a recent email, a friend mentioned that she was taking her morning coffee outside. Summer flies by too fast and she wanted to savor a few minutes.

How are you enjoying your garden this summer?


  1. That's great advice. My ethusiasm for gardening has waned a little bit with all the rain we've had. I needed a reminder to just walk outside and enjoy my garden. Love your blog, by the way.

  2. Teresa -
    Can you send us some rain? We are so dry! I know God will provide but I feel so bad for all the local farmers who are watching their crops wither up. This week is to be in the 100 degrees every day with no rain in sight.

  3. Like you I enjoy daily walks in the garden to check on things. I wish we could send you some rain, at this time we are having a nice rain. I am sitting at the kitchen table enjoying the cool breeze coming in. It is so hard to watch the farmers crops wither up. It was hard watching my dad's fields when we lived on sand land. But God always provided. Not sure how I would handle 100 degrees for a week, thought 90's was hot enough!

  4. Didn't think I needed to walk in my garden today...but after I read your blog, I checked my garden...and there are green beens to pick again!!
    Yes, we are in need of rain in Pa. also! Our feild corn looked pretty good, but today we noticed it is starting to curl. After a few more days of this heat, it will get worse. YKH

  5. Garden walks are also my prayer walks. I pray as I take my daily stroll. Great advice you give gal!

  6. Amen, Gina, this is spot on! I was just in my garden earlier today, wishing I had the time to take my coffee and enjoy the morning. Alas, too many things for the trip we leave on today. BUT next week for sure. :-)

  7. I love this advice! I do this every day, too, and it's so amazing. I love to get in there close, to see *everything* living in the garden...ladybugs, spiders, worms, butterflies, lizards, bees...not to mention of course the veggies and berries! It makes me feel small but grateful in the best possible ways.

  8. Thank you Gina for the suggestions. My little six year old Abby has her pink watering can and loves to water the garden with it. She dips into the rain barrel and waters with such a passion that it is infectious for us, her parents. We need that sometimes when feeling a little discouraged when fighting against the heat, drought and deer. Once again, thank you for your encouraging words!


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