Friday, July 30, 2010

Cookbook for Girls

I've been really struggling to spend time training my daughter in homemaking skills. It is just easier to cook and clean without "help".
A few months ago, I asked for suggestions for cookbooks for girls. You all gave great suggestions but I never proceeded any further and made a purchase. Recently, I've been inspired by Quinn's series on Girls in the Kitchen. I'd love to try the Kid's Fun and Healthy cookbook that she is using with her daughters.

But, in the meantime, I needed to stop stalling. I checked out our library's children cookbooks, which was rather dismal, except for one, Cookbook for Girls. Like most DK books the photography was excellent and my daughter was smitten by the pink girlyness of it. She bookmarked many recipes that she wanted to make. The cookbook had a good variety of recipes including main meals, snacks, beverages, and desserts. Of course, my daughter picked all recipes in the latter category!

My daughter can't read well enough to follow a recipe on her own but, with help, I was surprised at how well she did. I honestly didn't know she was capable of icing cupcakes.

Or threading marinated chicken  and peppers onto skewers.

Mixing salmon cakes.

Or stirring a boiling pot.

I still had to push down the urge to just "do it myself" when she asked to make something from "her" cookbook. But spending some one-on-one time in the kitchen was enjoyable for both of us. Now the boys want to cook too and there is another daughter eagerly waiting for her turn!
I'd love to hear your ideas on teaching your daughter (and sons) homemaking skills.


  1. is a bl0og you might want to visit.

  2. I can't tell you how much it excites me to see that we've inspired you to get your daughter in the kitchen more. She looks like she is having so much fun and is doing a wonderfully beautiful job! I can't wait until Hannah comes in so I can show her:D

  3. Gail, it's such a joy to see little girls cooking in the kitchen! It takes about an extra 5 or 10 minutes to clean up sometimes, but what a worthy tradeoff. I have found that having one night a week where each child helps me as an "assistant" is very productive and yet satisfies some of their need to cook. They feel like they are contributing to the welfare of the family and as they gain skills, I can give them more responsibility. Also, when they have a friend over into the evening, I have them cook together. By the time they are teens, they are cooking the entire meal! I'm thrilled that my 17 year old is now heading to Culinary School should the Lord provide the funds!

  4. Gina, I typed your name as Gail! Forgive me!!! I must have had Gail on my mind!

  5. Love these pictures, Gina, she looks so pleased with herself! :)

  6. Thanks, Ladies for all your suggestions!

  7. Cuteness! I found your blog through the "Preserving the Bounty" forum on the Nourished Kitchen site. What a beautiful daughter you have!!!

  8. Isn't it fun and rewarding to pass on homemaking skills to our children? I do however have to remind myself of this when in their trying to help, it makes more mess to clean. My sons are also learning to cook. I think it is important that they learn to cook and sew a simple seam or sew a button, just like the girls. Someday they may need to help out their wife during an illness. God Bless.


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