Thursday, April 15, 2010

Artisan Breads Every Day - Biscuits

More from Peter Reinhart's Artisan Breads Every Day.

Peter calls these the "best biscuits ever", which is a bold claim, but I think these biscuits live up to it! Soft, flaky, tender and wonderful flavor make these the best biscuits I've ever made. Of course, they are not low fat but I'm willing to support my dairy farming dad and enjoy the butter and cream in these biscuits.

The first time I made these, I followed the directions explicitly. I loved the idea of grating frozen butter. It made it so easy to work the butter in the flour. The dough was very soft and wet but I resisted adding more flour and turned it on the counter and did the folds as described. The results were without description! I stirred up some sausage gravy and we had a breakfast to dream of. (And my sweet husband watched the children so I could go for a brisk walk to help with some calorie reduction!)

The next time I made this recipe, was much more spur of the moment. One evening, my husband just decided he was very hungry for these biscuits and I decided to see how fast I could make this recipe. By doing some short cuts (no freezing the butter or dough resting time) we had biscuits from start to eating in 20 minutes. I also used half whole wheat flour in this batch. They were still wonderful! This time a few made it to the next day so we were able to find that they are almost as good the next day.

This is one great recipe. If you can borrow this book from the library and try one recipe, you won't lose with this one!

Edit to add: Check the comments! Quinn shares a link to this recipe! Thanks Quinn for finding this for us!


  1. I just had to google it- the base for my favorite biscuit is Bisquick which is expensive and full of garbage and I just haven't been able to find one that makes everyone as happy.

    Is this the recipe?

    If so, is the absence of buttermilk noticeable? Do you think it could be substituted if so?

    I love that you're going through this book like this! It's on my purchase list- it all looks so delicious! I was thinking of doing the same thing with a children's cookbook I have with my daughter this summer in order to motivate myself to keep in the kitchen with her instead of putting baking to the back burner.

  2. Quinn -
    Thanks so much for sharing this recipe link with us! I'm sure many of the other recipes could be found too if you just take the time to google!

    About the buttermilk - Peter says that you may use any kind of milk but he liked the richness of using cream and acidifying it with vinegar. I've used cream and also regular milk, both times adding the vinegar with great results both times.

    This isn't low fat - but it sure tastes good!

  3. Hmmm... I will have to try this! I have my own biscuit recipe that I really, really like, but these do sound so delicious. Thanks for sharing your comments and experiences with the recipes in this book -- very helpful!

    By the way, my friend Mrs. Doug introduced me to your blog. I subscribed by email and have been enjoying it so very much.

  4. Gina, just found your blog. What a wonderful biscuit. Glad Quinn knew where to find the recipe. I'll have to see if I can find the book through ILL. Enjoying your blog! ~Liz


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