Friday, April 30, 2010


We just began growing our own sprouts this spring. We had recently found a great deal on a Thompson & Morgan sprouter. It has been working well for us.

My mom just found 20 brand new Thompson & Morgan sprouters at a yard sale. She bought one but there are plenty more!

I was wishing I knew someone who wanted one - so in the slim chance that someone will read this that lives local and wants a sprouter, I thought I'd mention it!

Give me a call if you want to know where to find one for yourself!

Edit to add: Oops! Forgot to mention that they cost $2.00. Usually they sell for around $20.00. Of course you can just use a jar and cheesecloth, but we liked how this sprouter worked.


  1. Wah! I want one!

    My hubby was going to order one for me with his seed order but forgot to add it-and I'm too cheap to want to pay shipping again.

    I wish I was in your area...

    BTW-I don't remember how I stumbled on your blog in the first place but I really enjoy it.

  2. Hi!

    Please tell me you live in eastern PA so I can come get that sprouter! My friend found your blog and told me about it. What a blessing- we like so many of the same things. :) But anyway, growing sprouts is something I've been wanting to try after throwing some out that went bad in the fridge for the umpteenth time this week. ~Monica


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