Monday, April 26, 2010

Home library additions

"A home without books is like a room without windows. A little library, growing every year, is an honorable part of a man's history. It is a man's duty to have books. A library is not a luxury, but one of the necessities of life." Henry Ward Beecher

This past week found some new additions to our home library. I can't think of anything more fun then a day spent looking, feeling, and talking about books. Since the past week contained two such days - it was a good week!

First, I visited my first homeschool curriculum fair. What fun to actually see books I've only read about in catalogs. The best part was spending the day with the Naptime Seamstress and talking non-stop about books!

As fun as the curriculum fair was, the prices weren't what I like to see. I'm am spoiled from too many used book sales.
But this past week was the date of the largest used book sale in our area. I missed this one last year because my baby was only a week old. It was such fun to go back this year.

I hauled 55 more books home and only paid $50.00. The most expensive book I purchased was $5.00 and the cheapest 30 cents with most of them $1.00.

Some of my favorite finds-
The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter
James Herriot's Treasury for Children
A Child's Garden of Verses illustrated by Tasha Tudor
several field guides including Reptiles, Birds and Butterflies
and lots of great picture books

Next question: Where to put all these books?


  1. One of my favorite quotes is ....Where is human nature so weak as in a bookstore!

    That is certainly how I feel!! I am a book lover is a good thing.

  2. Oh how I love books! We were lucky to find an original Lassie Come Home on the Give & Take shelf at our library. I was so into Little House on the Prairie growing up that I never had read it. Every night our 7 yr. old cuddled next to me in bed and read of Lassie's adventure. What a joy! It was as good as I was always told it was! It didn't cost a cent and it was wonderful entertainment.

  3. Gina,

    I didn't realize James Herriot wrote kids books. His all creatures great and small series was wonderful. Glad you found so many great books. Happy reading.


  4. We love books, too. DH used to buy them just for the bibliography, or "That table of contents would make a good course outline!" Now we are to the point we're saving the best of the homeschool books for grandkids (someday?!), and finding new homes for some of the others. The best times with books were the hours spent reading aloud to my boys each night. I think our favorite was the Sugar Creek Gang series. We read it twice through when they were little and started over with the OrganizerSon recently. ~Liz

  5. Here's another booky quote for you:

    "A house without books is like a room without windows" ... :)

  6. Your daughter looks excited too. Our library is having a 10cent book sale and there's so many great one's. I purchased alot of books on tape for the kids as the library is clearing them all out. There's a church booksale that I'm going to this weekend as well. I love the quote in your post. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. My kids always got bedtime extensions when it was to keep reading! They thought they were pulling wool over my eyes! I try not to buy books anymore due to space and money limitations. The library is my second home. But then there are always the books that call to me...and they are always kids books. I pretend they are for future grandkids but I know better.

  8. Oh, I'm jealous!!! And SO glad that you had a really good bargain day! I really need to start going to more used book sales. But, yes. the issue of where to put them. Hubby did okay the purchase of another bookcase - as long as it has doors to hide the messiness!! *L* Now to find a space for this bookcase, once it comes into our house!!

  9. So good to "meet" so many other book lovers! I'd love to get together with you all and talk books!

  10. I adore books! We have James Herriot's Treasury for Children and a Child's Garden of Verses, too. They are both wonderful, but my son (an animal lover) especially liked the James Herriot's stories. I recently found to huge books on herbs and their uses at Goodwill on 1/2 off day, so I only had to pay thirty five cents a piece. I love adding to our library. I hope you find a spot to store all of your new treasures!


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