Monday, April 5, 2010

A busy Easter week

What a week! Know the feeling of trying to race a treadmill? That was last week at our house! I wasn't around the computer much. If it wasn't for scheduled posts, it would have been rather quiet on this blog. While the week was busy and I fell into bed exhausted every night, it was a good memorable week.

Since our children are getting older, I was hoping to do better at remembering Easter this year. But half way through the week, I was vigorously crossing things off the list. There just wasn't going to be enough time, or energy, to do everything I had planned. And there may be another year, Lord willing.

Personally, my Easter celebrationbegan on Wednesday evening when I participated in the Bible study at the woman's detention center. I love these ladies and studying the Word with them. Discussing our Saviour's sacrifice for us did a lot to prepare my heart for Easter.
Ed suggested having a little Passover with our children on Thursday. We had recently read about the Passover in our family devotions and thought they would enjoy making it more "real". I did a little research on the web and came up with an informal passover meal. I made some traditional Jewish recipes of unleavened bread, haroset and matzo ball soup. We splurged by purchasing some lamb. Our goal was not to replicate the traditional Jewish sedar, as I understand lamb is not served because Jews are awaiting the rebuilding of the temple. As we ate our meal, Ed reviewed the Passover story and read from Scripture about the Last Supper. The children were attentive and on Sunday, when our church held communion, they seemed to understand a little better what we were doing.

What really blows my mind, is that our children are old enough to discuss things like Christ's death and resurrection. Sure, they don't really understand everything but they are learning. This weekend we celebrated two birthdays and our oldest is now six years old. It seems like the last years have been full of diapers, nighttime feedings and meeting physical needs. Now all of a sudden, we seem to have stepped into a new phase. Exciting - and scary! There is so much more I have to learn about mothering these precious children.
Saturday we took the children to the zoo. We haven't been to a zoo for several years and they were excited. We went into the city on the Metro which was possibly the highlight! The weather was perfect for an outing but all the walking was exhausting! I think I'm a little out of shape from the winter. I have some muscles that are complaining!

When we arrived home, Ed wondered if I wanted to plant garden. Our garden has been too wet and we had not planted anything yet. I was thrilled when he tilled up the garden and helped me plant the peas. The children were ecstatic to dig in the dirt. My dear husband gave four filthy children bathes while I finished up the garden work.

This was one of those times that I was grateful for Sunday. Sometimes I wonder how we would survive without a day of rest! But adding to the physical refreshment is the joy in the victory in our risen Lord. I love my husband, children, working and playing together in the little place we call home, but it is Jesus Christ that truly makes life worth living!

May His name be praised!


  1. Such a wonderful post Gina! I really enjoy reading about your lives. And yes, you are so right. All the blessings we have here on earth would not mean a thing without knowing our Lord and Savior - for without Him all these wonderful things we enjoy wouldn't even exist. Have a great day!

  2. Gina, i never thought about doing a passover meal, but what a neat idea... just maybe it will help them understand. i love how your children seem to really love singing and know alot about the Bible.... u can really tell that u are spending time teaching them. God bless u!


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