Friday, April 16, 2010

Ragged baby quilt and other sewing projects

In the past months, I've done very little sewing (besides the never ending mending pile, which doesn't count!) But I thought I'd share pictures of a few of the projects that were completed.
I always make a baby quilt for our babies before they are born. Since we don't know the gender, that means a neutral baby quilt. The quilt I made for our last baby was mostly white with a little yellow and blue. When our baby daughter was born, my oldest daughter begged for me to make her a girly quilt. When flannels went on sale last fall, I relented.
This quilt was super simple. I cut rectangles 10 x 4 inches, sandwiched cotton batting in between two rectangles, and stitched it up. The basic method was like the denim ragged quilts I made the winter before.
Here is my new bag, inspired by my cousin Carolyn's creative bags. If I had more time, I'd make a new bag every week! They are just too much fun!
When growing up, I always wanted a sister to dress in matching dresses with me. I was the oldest in my family and after me were born four boys. My first sister wasn't born until I was 15. (Later I was blessed with two more sisters as well as another brother.) I immediately made her a dress to match mine but there was too big of an age difference and we never did it again, though I did make lots of matching dresses for the younger girls.
But now I can sew matching dresses for my two daughters! My oldest daughter loves matching her little sister. And little sister couldn't care in the less about what she is wearing!


  1. wow, girl! i really like your taste in sewing projects...right now, the bag has my eye! which pattern did you use? maybe when i'm snowed in this next winter....:-)

    ~eunice b

  2. I don't know what's sweeter - the sewing projects or your darling children :) The matching dresses are just adorable. Good job on all the beautiful things you made ;)

  3. Eunice -
    If I told you what pattern I used, you'd never recognize it! I've made it lots of times and each time I adjust something else. At every family reunion I learn something new about purse making from Carolyn's latest purse. By now the only thing that I use the pattern for is the size. I hate huge diaper bags, and this is perfect. This bag was the most challenging I made because of the pieced bottom and piping. I had to do it this way because I only had a small piece of striped fabric (left from my kitchen curtains) Of course, I could have bought more fabric but I just was trying to use up some of my stash.

    I've been meaning to email you! Haven't heard from you in ages. Still making plans to move north? Any chance you will be over here before the move? I'd love to get together again!

  4. Hi Gina, from Frugal Queen (Jane in Liskeard/Cornwall/England)

    I love your blog! especially the gardening sections, I love growing veggies but you have 3 acres!!! I would need to win the lottery to buy that here! good for you xxxx

  5. GINA,
    Fabulous looking Croissants, darling rail fence pink rag quilt, darling & verty professional looking bag and precious & cute little girls. Good job & thanks for sharing. I have the artisian book on back order!! Can't wait to get it.

  6. Love the snuggly flannel quilt, beautiful bag and adorable dresses! As young girls our mother dressed us alike too, and I even followed in her footsteps a few times with our girls. Enjoyed seeing your creative sewing. So glad you found the time to make your bag, creating bags is really addicting isn't it :)
    Love and hugs, Carolyn

  7. I love the dresses. The bag is really cute also. I remember my mom making the 3 of us matching dresses and one time all 4 of us matched. Your girls are really cute. Happy sewing.

  8. I LOVE matchy-matchy!!! very nice-looking dresses :)...and purse...and quilt...

  9. I love all your projects but those pink dresses are just darling! Your little ladies look so sweet! :)

  10. I LOVE looking at your projects! This bag is awesome! You should consider selling them on Etsy! And those dresses! So precious! I wish I had two little girls to dress alike! What a great mother you are! Your children are so blessed! Please keep sharing and inspiring!


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