Saturday, April 10, 2010

Frugal Gardening -Cultivate Friendships with Experienced Gardeners

Gardening is an inexpensive hobby. There is not many activities or exercise programs that actually can help you cut your grocery bill. But before I married, I worked at a greenhouse and know that some people lay down a good chunk of cash on their gardening hobby.

I've been wanting to write a series on frugal gardening. But right now, the garden is calling me louder than the computer. We had some 80 degree weather this week! Unusual for April and I know it won't last, but for now, we are living outside!

This week we planted some raspberries, and I thought I'd just share one quick hint.

Frugal Gardening Tip #1 - Cultivate friendships with experienced gardeners.

Especially is you are a new gardener, an experienced gardening friend is invaluable. I have one friend that I call frequently with my gardening questions. Gardening books and the web have their place but nothing beats talking to someone in your own area with years of gardening experience. If I'm experiencing a problem, chances are great that they have also, or at least have some idea of where to start for a solution. They can also warn you of the mistakes they have made.

And, if you hang around a gardener, you may be offered free plants!

We wanted to plant a row of raspberries this spring. Two of my gardening friends offered us plants. One friend gave us red raspberries, and the other friend, blackberries. We bought three yellow raspberries but the rest of our 50 foot row is thanks to the generosity of friends!
My husband tilled in some compost (another frugal gardening tip) before planting the berries. Hopefully, they will soon take off and supply our table with fresh berries.

Want to save some money on gardening? Go find a gardening friend! We love to share, both gardening knowledge as well as plants.

And someday, you can return the favor by sharing with another gardener friend!


  1. If any gardener wants to hang around me, I think I've got about a hundred tomato seedlings working in the basement I just can't bear to throw away.

    Any favorite resources or tips that you have for composting? I'm brand new at it- as in weeks. The first thing that we stuck in the pile was wood chips/chicken droppings from the coop. And THEN I read no wood in the pile!! Clearly, I have no idea what I'm doing :D

  2. Quinn -
    I need to write a post on compost making though I'm rather new at it too! The reason to avoid wood chips is that they will take nitrogen out as they decompose. But, I think, your chicken droppings will provide nitrogen.
    Like I said, I'm new at this, too!

    Try taking your tomato plants to church with a free sign! It works here!


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