Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I can't believe that we are near to the end of November and Thanksgiving. Several of you asked about Thanksgiving recipes and activities. I'll share the links here - in hopes that you will share some of your favorites! I'd especially like to hear how you incorporate an attitude of thanksgiving into your every day life - every day of the year!

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  1. I have only hosted Thanksgiving a couple times, but got to about 2-3 years ago. No grandchildren yet, but our precious great nephew, Mason (then 7) and great niece, Karlee (then 4) attended. I got them set up in a bedroom with the child size card table we own. They had a large piece of white poster board where I had written James 1:17 at the top. I think I shortened it to, "Every good gift comes from God." I told them that we are very thankful for God, Jesus and family but that the focus of this project was to recognize how everyday items are also a gift from God. I provided magazines, glue sticks and scissors. Then, each adult family member went into the bedroom with the children one at a time. That adult was to select a picture of something (from the magazines) for which they were thankful, the children cut it out and glued it on. Adults chose everything from ice cream to blue jeans to warm blankets. Then, when everyone had had a chance to select, the children stood on the "stage" (fireplace hearth) and displayed the collage, telling what each person chose. We all talked about how everything we have and enjoy is a gift from God.....and how we need to say out loud to the world that we are thankful ...........and not drop the sentence there but to say we are thankful to God. It was a huge hit for everyone in the family!!!

    One really funny thing that happened was that one of the uncles arrived late and the children explained the project, instead of me explaining it to the adult. Mason said, “Uncle Jason pick out something you are thankful for...but Aunt Kim said we can't be thankful for God, Jesus, or our families." :) :) :) :) I think something got a little lost in the translation.

    The children remembered it and asked to do it again one time when we were all together at our house...........and it wasn't even Thanksgiving.

  2. Love this idea, Kim!
    Thanks so much for sharing!


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