Thursday, November 11, 2010

Worth Reading - Time Management

Sometimes I wonder why I'm so production oriented. Why I can't feel "successful" unless I'm accomplishing something.

Most days end with feeling like I didn't "do" anything. There is never enough hours in a day to finish it all. Everything I did (cooking, laundry, cleaning) will need done again tomorrow

My husband is a wonderful encourager and constantly reminds me that if I've cared for our children, I've done enough in a day. But it doesn't keep me from still trying to do more.

I had a breakthrough realization recently. Frantically stuffing the hours of my day with constant action is like spending every last cent of my pay check every week. There is no margin, no cushion, and a little pothole can completely derail me.

I'm still figuring out how best to align my days to make sure I'm not "spending my whole pay check." Of course, it isn't like I can put a few hours in the bank this week to save for a busy day next month. We are only given 24 hours each day to spend wisely and they can never return. I'm certainly not condoning laziness but when my children and relationships are not being  given priority, something is out of line.

I've been really enjoying Amy Andrew's new e-book Tell your Time. I'm the tightwad who doesn't often purchase e-books but I've learned enough from Amy in the past that I jumped for her book the first day it came out. The book is short but pointed with practical help on how to manage your time. If you want your own copy, if you move quickly, you can get it for half price here. (And I'm in no way affiliated with Amy - just like her book.)

I also highly recommend reading  how Crystal has put these principles to work in her own life by reading her series on time management.

I'd love to hear how you find balance in your life.


  1. The only way I find balance in my life is to begin and end my day in God's word.

    Great post!!

  2. I totally get you on this one. Milking cows at 3:30am today to get daughter on the bus to the big city for 7:15am ( which is an hour drive for me to get to the bus), dentist and then taking care of aging parents, to coming home and feeling like my house needs a real makeover before chore time. Just had to cram making laundry soup in there as well. Tonight I can't think to knit! Glad it gets dark early. Will be in bed by 8pm I'm sure.

    The best part is that I have my children around me all day long. What a blessing that is to converse with them as we work along.

  3. something I need to look into also. Where does time go? thanks for sharing this..You know what takes up chunks of time..? blogging
    hee hhee...but have so much fun with all of you doing it. I do have to run for there is laundry
    in the dryer, and I do have to go to work today....

  4. I've been noticing that I've had several days where I've felt an immense satisfaction at the end of the day. I've done school, read to the girls, played a game (or two) with them, made meals, did the day's laundry. That's a lot in one day! I felt so good going to bed those nights. And then I realized that I hadn't cleaned on those days!!

    So my conclusion is that I need to find the balance. I do need to clean the house at least somewhat most days. And (I hate to admit it) I enjoy cleaning (and laundry and all other home-making chores).

    The girls are helping more, as they get older. And I've noticed that they are more willing to help with chores when I've played with them first.


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