Tuesday, November 2, 2010

October - New Thing

My October project for the 12 New Things Challenge was to make a head covering. To be honest, it was not exactly a "new" project because it isn't the first time I've tried making a covering. One of my friends is a skilled covering maker and she offered to teach me how to make my own. It took a lot of persuasion before I even believed I was capable of making my own covering. But she has been a patient teacher.

The challenge of covering making is that even an 1/8 of an inch makes a difference. I've sewn draperies, bridesmaid's dresses, and all my own clothing for years, but never tackled a sewing project this particular in the little details. Last winter, I made numerous attempts. I melted holes in the fabric. I slit holes while trimming the seams. Somewhere in the process I decided that wearing a scarf would be a more practical solution but I do prefer this style of head covering  and I'm known for being stubborn. Eventually I succeeded in making something tolerable enough to wear and put the project aside.

This fall, all my coverings were a dingy brown and I decided I needed a new covering before my brother's wedding - which is why this task ended up on the 12 New Things list for October. I figured I would make half a dozen before it all came together into something wearable. But, thanks to the Lord, because I really didn't have much extra time in October, the first try was deemed successful.

It still has issues. I know there is at least three "professional" covering makers who read this blog and probably cringe at my attempts. My patient teacher may shudder sitting behind me at church. But since it was an improvement from my first tries, I was happy.

For those uninitiated into covering making, the goal is to take three pieces of tulle type fabric...

And turn it into a  pleated cap that fits perfectly.

And here it is modeled.

Now I need to make a few more before I forget what I did right this time. 

Next month- to learn to digitally scrapbook. I think maybe sewing may be preferred to learning something new on the computer...we'll see!


  1. If you made the one you had on Sunday, I would say you are a great success. For some reason I noticed it and thought it fit very nicely.

  2. Personally, I think you did a VERY nice job! I can imagine how hard working with tulle can be. Especially since everything shows through the material. It's like needlepointing and making both sides look just as good as the other!

    I had a tailoring teacher in college who could just glance at a seam and tell you it was off 1/16th of an inch! Seriously? We would run back to our sewing station and check with the ruler and sure enough, she was right every time. The lesson learned - practice makes perfect and you only gain experience by doing it. Keep pressing on friend!

  3. The picture above of you and your daughter is so beautiful! I don't mean this rude in any way, but what is the meaning or significance of the head covering?

  4. My untrained eye thinks it looks simply lovely and so do you!! :)

  5. I think you did a fantastic job. All those pleats and tiny seams, great job!!

  6. Thanks for all your sweet comments.

    Flarffy -
    Have a Bible handy? Check out 1 Corinthians 11. I try to take the Scriptures literally and as a woman, I cover my head as a symbol of God's order of headship.

    It isn't something that I'm interested in debating but if you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

  7. I just had my covering maker give me a copy of my pattern so I could try my hand at it. Ours are less tedious than yours, we gather instead of pleating but still!
    If I can't get one made good enough for wearing in public I will give it to the girls for the barn or wear it to bed.
    Congrats on meeting your goal!

  8. I just sewed with tulle the first time when I made my daughter a tutu. Tricky stuff!

    I am a Mennonite also, and a former covering wearer. I'm impressed by your stubborn resolve and the results! I just washed my coverings as often as I could and never tried to make one (I was a teenager).

  9. Good job, Gina. That was a tough assignment! Not sure if you'll find this helpful, but when my aunt makes them, she does a mock-up out of wax paper first to help find any quirks in the pattern and help with fit.

  10. Good job Gina. You will prefect it. We have the Leah Caps here. More a heart shape with gathers, but the seams are still small. I too would put a stabilizer under the pieces ( tear away) to keep the small seams from getting away from you.

  11. how old are girls when the start to cover their hair?

    1. Colleen -
      It varies. I started wearing one when I was ten. It depends when the girl makes a commitment to follow the Lord and desires to wear this symbol of submission.


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