Saturday, March 13, 2010


Notice something new?

I finally (after a whole year of wanting to do it) set up Feedburner. On the right hand column you should find a box where you can sign up to read this blog with a RSS feed reader (like Google Reader) or by email.

I find that reading blogs through a feed reader is a great way to maximize my computer time. I can review a large amount of online content in a short amount of time. It is like having a secretary open up the mail for me, throw away the junk and organize the information I do want to read all in one neat stack! And if I don't have much computer time, I can always hit the "mark all as read" button and it all disappears!

RSS Feed Readers are probably old news to most of you - but I'm constantly amazed at how many have never heard of it - or never tried it out. You can read more about a RSS and how to set up a feed reader at Molly Piper.

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