Monday, March 8, 2010

Enjoying God's World - March Plans

Nature study plans with young children.

This February was a brutal month for any outdoor activity! One morning I walked out in the kitchen to find negative five on the thermometer outside the window! That is enough to make me bury my head back under the covers like the groundhog that saw his shadow! Add to the freezing temperatures, snow that reached my children's waist - and we didn't do much on the line of nature walks last month!

But the snow is almost gone, the sun is definitely warmer and this morning (the day I typed this) I actually took a walk! This was the first time I've walked further then our chicken house for eons! I think spring is winning and am excited again about exploring the world around us with my children!

March Nature study ideas

  • Listen for the early birds. Maybe get a recording from the library and try to identify some bird calls.
  • Watch for birds building their nests, clean out the bird houses, try building a nest ourself. (To appreciate God's wonderful design that allows birds to make intricate structures with a bill and two feet!)
  • Make a pinwheel or wind vane.
  • Force some forsythia branches indoors.
  • Wrap some bean seeds in a damp paper towel, place in jar, and watch them sprout.
  • Start a list of "spring firsts". (dandelion, robin, bumble bee, etc)
And, of course, start the garden if it dries out enough this month! For a full list of March garden chores go here. We may also start some seeds indoors.


  1. My kids used to "build" nests themselves out of of broken branches that fell off the trees during winter storms. They would make a circle about the size of a yardstick around and as many sticks as they could find. It would help clean up the yard while making human birds nests. I still have pictures and they laugh at themselves at the fun they were having!


  2. Great ideas for homeschooling Moms out there. Also have really appreciated your bread recipes. I am a bread baker, but am limited as to ingredients because my husband is allergic to so many things. I am excited to try the bagels though, I think I can make them for him to eat out of whole wheat and a few other ingredients. I have had lots of fun cooking for him... makes be more creative with the few ingredients he can have.

    Hope you have a wonderful day.

    Mrs. D


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