Friday, March 19, 2010

Artisan Breads Every Day - Challah

Another bread recipe review from Peter Reinhart's book.

The Challah recipe made a beautiful loaf! I love how all the eggs made the dough golden. I divided the dough into three loaves. I tried a three strand braid, four strand braid, and six strand braid. The directions were easy to follow and the four strand loaf was my favorite.

The texture of the bread was open and airy. We made some french toast with some of the leftovers and it acted like a sponge pulling the milk into the bread perfectly!

I replaced 4 cups of the white flour with whole wheat flour and added 3 T vital gluten. I increased the water to a total of 2 2/3 cups. I thought it maybe lacked salt. The recipe seems to call for enough so I'm wondering if I just goofed.
Another wonderful tasting bread that was easy to make, fun to work with, and yielded spectacular results!

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  1. Challah is so FUN, in appearance AND delicious to eat AND...did Jesus eat it, do you think, too? I made challah for the first time by mistake (!) this year. We had too many eggs and I was just searching for an egg-rich bread to use them up (we didn't want a cake right then) and found A Number One Egg Bread. TEN eggs used up just like that, lickety-split! :-) It was only after I made it and we were enjoying it for dinner that my mother asked, "Is this a challah recipe?" We looked up challah ingredients and found that it WAS a challah loaf. It kept for, like, two weeks in the fridge. We didn't slice it, but would just tear off a knob for each person for dinner, wrap them loosely in tinfoil, put them in a 400F oven for about 10 minutes until edges were brown and crispy, then serve them to each person with their own little bowl with a pat of butter in it. We have never had such a LIGHT and crispy float-away bread before. It was the best, such a nice change from our usual homemade wheat loaves. Thank you SO much for all of your bread recipes and photos here. I look forward to exploring. Blessings...


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