Monday, March 1, 2010

Planning for Freezer Cooking Day

This week a friend and I plan to spend a day together cooking for the freezer. I expect it to be a lot of fun - even though I'm not sure how much we'll get done with six children under six! (Yipee! My teenage sister just offered to come help for the day. With three adults, our productivity will probably double! )

In planning for our cooking day, I've found some articles that were helpful.

Freezer Cooking Basics from Life as Mom

Once a Month Mom has shared a whole series of articles on making your own menu for freezer cooking. Scroll down to the bottom to see all the posts in the series. I've done some bulk cooking but never truly tried "once a month cooking". Her menus and ideas make me want to give it a try!

Money Saving Mom has some free printable worksheets to help plan your freezer cooking day.

Any advice from you all?


  1. I'm excited to see what you make this week! I've just started trying to do some freezer cooking so I'm always looking for new ideas. Thanks for sharing!

    Erin in IL

  2. Hi! I go back and forth on freezer cooking. It defintly saves time in the end, and it depends on the month on how many meals I cook. I do enjoy cooking, so I generally plan to cook 3 meals a week and have 1-2 nights of left overs, and 2-3 meals in the freezer. Any time I cook a "freezer type meal" I make it 3 times the amount. This keeps me from one long day of straight cooking, but also ensures I make them. For instance, we had pizza on Saturday, so I made and froze 4 pizza crusts. I also perfer the book series, "30 meals in one day" by Deanna Buxton, and am testing recipies from "Fix Freeze and Feast" by Kati Neville and Linsdsay Tkacsik. The second book's recipies and designed for when you get home, as you put away the groceries, you prep the meals. I was told it adds about an hour to put away time depending on the number you are feeding! I also recommend, the day before prep a crock pot meal for cooking day, because at the end, you don't want to cook! Have fun!

  3. Sarah -
    Thanks for all the good hints and ideas! I want to look up some of your suggested resources!

  4. Good luck on your cooking day (if you haven't already done it). I know cooking ahead saves me time and sanity. I hope it will you too!


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