Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Frugal Family Celebrations

For both Ed and I, going out for ice cream was one way our families celebrated the completion of a big job. I remember enjoying a soft serve cone at our favorite little country store at the end of haymaking.

Ice cream is cheaper then eating out a whole meal. But as our family grows, it still adds up!
Ed spent Saturday cutting wood and the children helped him stack it in the woodshed. When he returned the borrowed truck, Ed stopped at the store and allowed the children to pick out their own flavor of ice cream. The cost was about the same as a trip to the ice cream store and the smiles were a mile wide!

Usually we only open one box of ice cream at a time, but we have three birthdays coming up and knew the ice cream would be consumed before it went bad.

Tired muscles + a few dollars = thrilled children and a memorable family celebration!


  1. What a fun family idea. During the summer we stop by McDonalds and let the kids get ice cream and play in the play area. It is way cheaper then eating there and they absolutely love it. :)

  2. Great idea! I love family memories that are cost effective. Very Sweet!

  3. Love it! Isn't it ironic how you can buy a whole quart of icecream for nearly the same price of an ice cream cone? :) We still like to get cones etc. occasionally, but often just get a quart of good quality ice cream instead. The great thing is that we can enjoy it longer too!

    Oh and I love the pleased as punch expression your son has!


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