Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Turkey Time - Almost Here!

November is just around the corner. About this time, I start looking for good Thanksgiving grocery sales, especially on turkey. I usually try to buy three or four turkeys at the best price possible. A large turkey can be cheaper and have more meat then several chickens. I try to buy the largest I can find. Birds over twenty pounds will have a greater meat to bone ratio. I figure one large turkey can feed my family for about twelve meals. If I've paid less then $10.00 for the turkey, it is an unbeatable deal for poultry! Since often stores require you to buy a minimum to take advantage of their turkey deals, I'll be doing as little of grocery shopping as possible in the next weeks so that I have a long list to use when I stock up on turkey.  In future weeks, I plan to share my mom's easy method for roasting a turkey and some of our favorite ways to eat leftover turkey. 

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