Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I love Paperback Swap!

PaperBackSwap.com - Our online book club offers free books when you swap, trade, or exchange your used books with other book club members for free.

Is your housecleaning turning up books you want to get rid of? Check out www.paperbackswap.com! Many of you know that I have a book addiction and especially love visiting used book sales and hauling bags of books home for a few dollars! Only problem is, my husband also loves books, and so do our children, so our house is quickly being over taken by books! To make room for more books, I've been sorting out the books that didn't measure up to our expectations and trading them at Paperback Swap for books I do want!

We've been part of Paperback Swap for maybe two years now and love it! The idea is simple. You list the books you want to give away. When someone requests a book, you mail it to them, usually costing postage of around $2.00. You then receive a credit to "buy" a book listed on the site! The sender always pays the postage. Any book, in good condition, paper back, hard back, or audio book can be listed. Post your first ten books, and you get two free credits to start "shopping". And give my email address as the one who referred you and I'll get an extra credit, too!

The best part about Paperback Swap is their wish list service. If you search for a book that is not available, you can add the book to your wish list. Then, when someone lists the book, if you are first on the waiting list for that book, you get an email asking if you want the book. You don't have keep checking back to see if it is available, just wait for an email. Of course, popular books can have a huge waiting list. This summer, we were getting books almost every week that were on our waiting list! But this was after waiting for over a year for some books to become available! If you were here, I'd show you some of the beautiful hardback looks-like-new books that we have received from Paperback Swap! Not bad exchange for clutter! I highly recommend it! Of course, many of the books won't fit a Christian's criteria for reading material. But neither does much of what is sold at Borders! Just use wisdom when ordering books you aren't familiar with.

Just a few of our book swaps through Paperback swap.


  1. FYI- if you go to PBS-Spread the word and enter your PBS nickname or email address... then click on personalize links. You'll notice &r_by=yourname added to the links. This will give you a credit when someone signs up via your links on your blog. Just wanted to make sure you get credit for a great blog!

  2. Thanks \Anonymous, for the tip! I am very much not techie and still figuring this all out!!!


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