Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Make It Yourself - Baby Wipes

At our house, we much prefer homemade wipes to bought ones. I usually keep some bought ones around for the diaper bag but if I run out of homemade ones and didn't get to making up new ones, Ed will mix up a new batch. It sure isn't hard!

You need:
half a roll of paper towels (I prefer a thick brand that has "select a size" perforations.
1-2 T baby oil
1-2 T liquid soap
2 cups warm water
To Make:
Cut a roll of paper towels in half. A bread knife works but is a chore. Give your husband an opportunity to use his power tools and he'll have several rolls cut in seconds!
Remove the inner cardboard tube.
Find a suitable container that will hold a half roll of paper towels. It should have a tight fitting lid. An ice cream pail is a good choice.
Pour the water, oil and soap in the container and stir. I usually don't measure the soap but just put in a squirt or so. You can use baby soap but I had a little trouble with mildew. I now use anti-bacterial hand soap and have no problems. If you'd like a natural anti-bacterial, two options would be tea tree oil or grape fruit extract.
Set the paper towels in the water, cover with lid and the water will soak into the towels in about an hour.
To use, pull from the center of the roll.

Remember: Baby wipes aren't just for babies! We use wipes all the time when we are traveling or camping!

Another option:
If you are using cloth diapers, try cloth wipes. I'm thinking of doing this and have been reading other's experiences.
Baby wash clothes seem to wear out quickly. Cut them in half and use for wipes! Old diapers or flannel blankets would work as well. Roll up the used wipe in with the diaper and dump both in the washing machine.
Use a spray bottle of water, add a tiny bit of soap if you wish, and you've eliminated your need to buy wipes completely!


  1. I do cloth wipes and LOOVE them...I just bought a dozen or more cheap wash cloths, and wet them with a spray bottle. Works great!

  2. This is on my To-Google list. I'm so glad that I'm spared that time! I've just been running paper towels under hot water since scrapping baby wipes and have not been as satisfied as I'd hoped. Thanks :)


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