Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Frosty Evening Indulgence- Hot Cocoa

I just love frosty evenings with a cup of hot cocoa and just found a new winner of a recipe! This is my newest indulgence - don't pregnant women need to drink extra milk?

Hot Cocoa

For each serving:
1 cup milk
1 T cocoa
1 T sugar
2-3 drops vanilla
sprinkle of cinnamon

Heat the milk, stirring occasionally. Mix with other ingredients. Whisk vigorously to froth the milk. A stick beater works well, if you can keep the hot milk from splattering! You can adjust this as you wish. The original recipe called for 2 T of sugar but I thought it was too sweet. I actually use three cups of milk (perfect amount for filling two large mugs) but only double the other ingredients. You can drink Swiss Miss, but after trying this, you won't want to!

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  1. I keep looking for a hot cocoa recipe without sugar. THink it would work to use honey?? Or do you have any good ideas?? THanks!!


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