Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Three Clutter Busters

Here is three super simple ways I handle clutter in my home. Very basic...almost embarrassing to write them down... but they've helped me!

1. Give-away Box (or drawer or shelf)
I designated one spot for items that I'm no longer using and want to give away. (For you it might be your yard sale box.) When I find a shirt that doesn't fit Ed, or the kitchen tool that has been sitting in the drawer for five years - into the give-away box they go. When the box is full, I bag them up and drop off at CAM or other charity.

2. Return Box
We have a shelf with anything that needs given back to someone. I don't always remember to check when I leave the house, but at least I'm not rushing through the house looking for that book, pattern, or whatever. And it doesn't have to be sitting on my counter waiting for it's turn to leave the house!

3. Attic Box
My attic is rather inconvenient to access with a narrow pull down stairs. I always want to make my trips count. But so often when I was going up for something, I couldn't remember anything that needed to go up. Enter the "attic box"! Anything waiting for a trip to higher ground gets dumped into the box. On my next trip up, I bring the box with me and quickly sort out the items!

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