Thursday, January 28, 2021

31-Day Phone Challenge - Day 28


Why do we want to use our phones wisely? Because we all have goals in life that won’t be met if we waste our time. We know we have been given only one life and are responsible for how we use it.

Often an effective way to change a bad habit is to replace it with a good habit. If you are disturbed by how much time you are spending online, it can be difficult to stop unless you are replacing those hours with something else, something better.

Ask yourself, “What would I enjoy doing if I had more time? Then take a step toward doing that thing.

Do you want to do more art? Set your art supplies on your desk and maybe sign up for an online watercolor class.

Would you like to play more music? Pull your guitar out of the case and prop it by the living room couch.

Do you want to read more? Remove your phone from your bedside table and replace it with the book you have been wanting to read. Or download an ebook or audio book from the library onto your phone and place the library app on your home page instead of social media.

Would you like to meet a friend for coffee? Message them today and set a date.

Would you like to exercise more? Set your sneakers beside your bed. Or download an exercise app.

Think about the things that inspired you when you were a child. Was it cooking? Bird watching? Crossword puzzles? Making up stories? Maybe if you fed those activities you would rediscover a fulfilling hobby.

If you have something to look forward to, you may find it easier to lay down your phone.

Today’s Challenge: Come back to real life. Choose an activity that you wish you had time for and make a plan for adding it to your life.


  1. I tried to post this earlier.:) The screen stimulates our brains, wakes us up. That helped to cause you to miss your nap. I bought my husband special glasses to block the light from the screen so he could sleep better.

  2. For me I will be replacing my social media and time wasters with reading more, crocheting and sewing. I have this cape dress pattern that is begging to be used. However I still need to finish the CLE sewing lesson I started awhile back.


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