Wednesday, January 13, 2021

31-Day Phone Challenge - Day 13


In years past, Mennonites were tested during times of war to demonstrate nonresistance. They struggled to love their enemies during times of persecution. They often lived among people who hated them.

Today, our test may be to live out the principles of the Sermon on the Mount even when on social media. We must speak the truth in love when we disagree instead of proving our point with arguments. We must love our enemies instead of mocking them.

Rather than slander someone who sins, we must seek to obey Matthew 18. Slander is not necessarily speaking an untruth, but the goal of slander is to hurt, not to heal. Jesus called us to love and bless and pray for and do good to those who have done evil. This doesn’t mean ignoring the evil, but fighting evil with Jesus’ love.

A few years ago a minister at our revivals preached on Matthew 12:36. “But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.”

Idle refers to careless words – word spoken without thought. The minister applied this verse, not just to the words we speak, but all words. Sometimes we write, text, post, link, or share words that we would never speak to someone’s face. Spoken words vanish into the air in an instant, but God said that we will give account of each word. How much more will we be accountable for the words we write on social media that can be read, reread, and shared?

Today’s Challenge: When I think of this topic, I hurt so much I can’t even think of a challenge for today. So I’ll simply ask you to consider this question. Do my words (spoken, written, shared) push eternal souls toward God or away from God?

Note: In a few days, I’m going to ask you to get your phone out of your bedroom. So if you use your phone for an alarm clock, purchase an alarm clock today to get ready for this challenge.


  1. This one hits home for me. Well, all your posts have so much truth and challenge in them that I need to think about. But this--yes, it's way too easy to type and click without thinking. God help us, and guard both out tongues and our fingers.
    Thanks for doing this's so needful.

  2. I'm guilty of wanting to say something or rather give a good "tongue lashing" to people who say things online. I just feel the need to defend people. What I want to say I would never say to their face. Thank you Gina for this challenge.

  3. Thank you for this post in particular, Gina! I share your deep concern that Anabaptists was "watering down" our interpretation of scriptures on nonresistance and becoming much like the nonresistant peoples with which we are surrounded. Keep "preaching."


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