Wednesday, January 20, 2021

31-Day Phone Challenge - Day 20


There is nothing wrong with enjoying an occasional order of fries or bag of Doritos, but, once we start eating junk food, it is really hard to stop. Junk food does not meet our nutritional needs.

The media have become masters at packaging stimuli in ways that our brains find irresistible, just as food engineers have become experts in creating ‘hyperpalatable’ foods by manipulating levels of sugar, fat, and salt.” - Matthew Crawford

Much of social media isn’t sinful. We can enjoy the eye candy of Instagram, but, when we create an appetite for endless words and images, we dull our appetite for enjoying God.

In Surviving the Tech Tsunami, Gary Miller says that technology has affected how he sees God. Google gives an instant reply to all our questions. We can begin to wonder why God doesn’t respond to us as quickly as Google. The ease of technology can decrease our desire for the hard work of studying the Scripture.

Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled. Matthew 5:6

Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst. John 6:35

We use our phone for many useful, necessary activities. But most of us waste more time on our phones than we spend praying. Probably far more.

Today’s Challenge: If you are trying to diet, you don’t stock your pantry and fridge with junk food. Delete the junk food apps from your phone. This may vary for individuals, but will likely include gaming and social media apps, maybe even email.

Deleting apps from your phone feels radical, but, if you’ve been following these challenges this month, you know how easily you reach for your phone and start scrolling. So delete them off your phone and see if it gives you more control over your phone. You can always reinstall them if you find they are necessary.

I enjoy checking Instagram and Facebook occasionally (which for me is about monthly), but I’m rather certain if I had the Instagram or Facebook app on my phone, I’d be on those sites far more often. I have better control over these sites if I check them only on my laptop. I have other friends who found freedom in canceling their Instagram or Facebook account. I won’t tell you what will work for you but I do encourage you to make sure you are controlling social media and not social media controlling you.

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  1. I have been enjoying this phone challenge very much. Thank you for all the encouragement and pondering questions you have been posting. I can identify with this post as I have had to make radical decisions when it comes to where my phone is concerned. In my life also, spending much time on my phone, or being distracted by it, seems to dull my desire for time with God and prayer and pulls my focus away from really seeing the needs of my husband and children. When I become more empty, frustrated, and "hungry" in my heart, it always seems to boil down to having been distracted too much with my phone.
    May God bless you with wisdom as you raise your children, and with words that point us to living well for God's glory.


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