Tuesday, January 19, 2021

31-Day Phone Challenge - Day 19


Some days we might know we need more Jesus, but we feel too weak to move toward Him. Instead we use our phones to hide from pain, to bury our hurts, to distract us. When Ed was sick, I sometimes felt too empty and too stressed and too tired to move toward God. That is when we need a friend to bring us chicken soup. To lead us by the hand to Jesus.

Though our phone can be a hindrance, we can choose to use it as a crutch to help us walk toward God. We can WhatsApp a friend and ask them to pray for us when our own prayers feel like they are hitting the ceiling. We can turn on the audio Bible app and listen to the Psalms when we are too weary to even read. I often listened to worship music and hymns, hoping that the truth would subconsciously sink in.

Our phone is a tool. Use it to bring yourself and others to Jesus, who is our real source of comfort.

Today’s Challenge: Make a list of ways you can reach out to others, and yes, it can be with your phone. Maybe send a text or a card to someone in a nursing home. Post a verse or inspiring quote on social media. Call someone who needs encouragement (which, as a friend told me recently, is everyone who is breathing). Write a note of thanks to a teacher, minister, or mentor.

Choose one and do it today.

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