Sunday, May 23, 2010

We are Back!

We had a wonderful vacation but it is good to be home. When we pulled in the driveway, it was getting dark but we all jumped out to run around and look at the garden and visit the chickens! I could not believe how much everything grew in only one week- including the weeds!

I hope to respond to some of your comments and share some photos from our trip, but first I have some unpacking to do!


  1. It looks from the picture you posted to be a wonderful time...Welcome Home

  2. Welcome back Gina. Those pictures are so so sweet :) It's so nice to pull into our driveway after a vacation.. there's just no place like home, eh?

  3. Welcome home! Glad to here you had a nice time away.

    Hope to see you in July if not before.


  4. I have a question regarding seeds from Baker Creek. I purchased many different seeds from them and very few came up. I live in TN and planted the seeds at the beginning of April. I also gave some to a friend to plant and the same with her very few sprouted. Are you having this problem with them?

  5. Dionne -
    I have had good success with Berlin's seeds but if you are not - I'd suggest giving them a call. I've found them very helpful on the phone. Maybe they can help you out or give you some suggestions.


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