Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Vacation Meal Planning - Thanks

Thanks so much for all your suggestions and recipe ideas for our vacation! If you haven't already, read all the helpful comments when I asked for ideas for vacation meals.

Using your ideas as a spring board, I wrote down a list of our favorite easy-prep or make-ahead meals. I soon had more meal ideas then I had meals to prepare!

Last week, I started making meals or parts of meals and freezing them. For example, on Saturday, as I was making pizza, I made a triple batch of dough and made stromboli and calzones to freeze. It has been extra work but hopefully it will all pay off!

This week, I hope to share some of my favorite make-ahead recipes. Hopefully it will inspire you, as your ideas did for me.

And, when this little corner of the web goes silent, know that I'm out enjoying the sun and the water with my favorite people in the world.

I will have no computer access for a week - and I'm looking forward to it! Technology has such a way of yelling for our attention and I anticipate reading books and enjoying a little silence. (Can't believe I just described traveling with four youngsters as "silence".)

Thanks again for helping me get excited about vacation meal planning!


  1. I'm interested in seeing your recipes for the make-ahead's. Do hope you have a wonderful vacation! I'm with you - family is the best. I've never understood these people who want to get away from their kids. ~Liz

  2. Gina,

    I understand the silence with 4 young ones. It's different when not at home. Have a great vacation and enjoy them at this age. It will all to soon be gone.


  3. Have a lovely vacation and enjoy the 'silence' and nature. Those are my favorite vacations!


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