Saturday, September 1, 2012

Off the Shelf - August

Another month past already? Here are the favorites off our our book shelf or from the library this month.

Children's Picture Books

The House of 12 Bunnies - Caroline Stills
My youngest children poured over this book. Sort of an "I Spy" for the littlest ones.

A Loon Alone- Pamela Love
A sweet story of a lost loon chick.

Red Wolf Country - Jonathan London
Lovely book about the red wolves and their world.

Mouse Was Mad - Linda Urban
Cute pictures and fun story about an angry mouse.

Chapter Books

The Wheel on the School - Meindert DeJong
My children loved following the adventures as these lively Dutch children searched for a wheel to place on their school roof to attract storks to their town.

Jared's Island - Marguerite de Angeli
Shipwreck, pirate treasure, camping with the Indians - this book has all the adventure a boy (or girl) can ask. I love the way De Angeli combines a good story with a historical time period and was surprised to find one of her books I had never read. We all enjoyed this one.

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm -  Kate Douglas Wiggin
A book we enjoyed on audio from Books Should Be Free

The Bible in the Wall
A true story of a man who did everything possible to flee from the Word of God. Set in the Swiss Alps in the 1800s.

Adult Books

The Checklist Manifesto - Atul Gawande
A book about how a surgeon applied aviator's checklists to improve his practice? Occasionally I'll pick up a book completely out of my usual genre - like this one. And enjoy it! Though I suspect if I ever need surgery, I'll be one of those annoying patients who think they can tell the surgeon how it is done just because I read one book on the topic!

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  1. I had forgotten about Margeurite de Angeli! I just reserved Jared's Island at our library - thanks for the tip. I saw others that we can read after that, too. Fun.


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