Saturday, October 16, 2010

Welcome to the Family

Is there anything more fun than a wedding in the family?

Especially when my brother brings a great sister-in-law into the family!

Eric and Emily wanted to be married in an old historic church just down the road from my parent's house. With large families and a huge group of friends, they knew they could never whittle the guest list down to fit in the church. So they chose to have a small, family-only wedding.

The day was so much fun and stress free.

All the nieces and nephews (except for babies) walked down the aisle with the bride.

They were an excited bunch of energy! Looks like they have their hands full!

Back at my parent's house, we enjoyed a wonderful reception prepared by the two mothers and cheesecakes by Emily.

If you know Eric and Emily, you know the cake topper fits them perfectly!

Congratulations Eric and Em!


  1. It looks like a wonderful wedding! Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. May they be bless with as many wonderful children as they had at their wedding.

  3. How sweet! Looks like a lovely day for all involved! May God bless their marriage!

  4. What a lovely couple. Thanks for sharing pictures.

  5. Congratulations to the newly weds. Looks like such a beautiful wedding. Sending Gods blessings their way, thanks for sharing the pictures. Loved the cake topper!

  6. looks beautiful!! I like small weddings.

  7. How Beautiful!!! Love the cakes!! Do you have any good cheesecake recipes??

  8. Awww, congrats to your family!
    That pic of the little ones readying to walk down the isle is beautiful and poignant! May the Lord bless their wedding with fruitfulness and love.


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