Monday, October 4, 2010

A Warm Bowl of Soup in October

I love soup.

As soon as cooler weather hits, I'm pulling out the soup recipes.

Nothing beats soup for spreading a rich comforting aroma through the house - a teaser for the belly warming meal to come.

Soups are simple. They call for ingredients that are easy to find and usually on hand.

Soups are easy. Usually there is nothing harder then cutting up some veggies and measuring some spices.

Soups are healthy. Want to add more vegetables to your diet? Choose a soup that focuses on veggies.

Soups are cheap. Aiming to stretch your meat - or go meatless? Choose soups. Cheap cuts of meat simmered all day, will make a wonderful soup with incredible broth.

My goal was to name October as "Soup Month" here at Home Joys. I was going to dig out some old favorites, try some new recipes and maybe ask you to contribute your favorite soup. I didn't know if I could do a soup recipe for each day of the month, but I did think I could get close!

But life has been crazy this past week with little computer time. So here we are, several days into October.

But it is never too late to start.

Since I'm working with a large amount of ground beef today, I'll share my favorite hamburger soup later today.

Meanwhile, do you have a favorite soup recipe? I'd love if you would share it. Leave a comment or email me (walkingbymyside AT

Or email me if you'd like to write a guest post to be included this month - just be sure to remember a photo of your soup.

And join me in making soup in October!


  1. Heading to the store later to get the ingredients for a big pot of veggie soup. Have the same idea in mind, at least one big pot a week through the cooler months. It finally has dropped below 80 here in Florida and the humidity dropped as well, that alone is reason to celebrate. Looking forward to seeing what soups you come up with.

  2. Oh we just LOVE soups here. I'm having fun starting to make them again and look forward to seeing your recipes to give me more ideas.

    Here are two of my favorites:
    Cream Cheese Potato Soup

    Salsa Chicken Soup

  3. Gina, I'm right there with you :) I love soup and could eat it everyday. I'm eating some potato soup right now actually. One of my favorites is chicken taco soup (also called chicken tortilla soup). I found the recipe on if you would like it :) It has lots of good ingredients and you can play around with it to tailor it to your tastes. I look forward to your soups this month. I may be making more for lunches for my daughters and myself. Hubby isn't a big soup fan, unfortunately :(

  4. I love to do soup on Sundays so I can put it in the slow cooker and forget about it until we eat. Our favorite is cheeseburger soup (like your hamburger soup, but with diced American cheese stirred in and melted at the end) and we also enjoy taco soup. Corn chowder is a good way to use our frozen corn (talk about economical) and for something really special, a corn-n-crab chowder. Oh, and do you get Taste of Home magazine? Because there is a recipe in this month's issue for "everything bread" this is just outrageously good. It's my husband's new favorite bread to go with soup. :)

  5. We do not eat a lot soups. What I fix would probably be considered stews. I have to make something that will stick to the ribs a little more than soup would. When I do make soup though, it is usually pumpkin soup. Something that I would have grown up eating in the West Indies.

  6. Soup just speaks cozy!
    Here is a link to one of my favorites.

  7. Hi of our favorite soups is "cheeseburger chowder". Basically you add ground beef, cheddar cheese, taco seasoning and a little liquid smoke to any creamy potato soup. It's delicious!


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