Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Nature Walk

It has been a long time since we were on a nature walk, or did any kind of nature study. Of course, this summer had many opportunities for observing nature in daily life in the garden. Our bug identification book was well used.

But the lovely fall days this month have made me eager again to be out just spending time enjoying God's wonderful world.

These photos are from a walk on Sunday at our favorite park. The children loved filling their baskets with "treasures", looking for bird's nests and just burning energy.

I'm so glad God gave us Sundays to set aside our normal work for time to rest and worship. But days like this one make me wonder why I'm so busy. What am I doing that is so important that I can't take time on a regular basis just to enjoy the outdoors with the children?

Of course, we need to eat, and clean clothes and house are nice, but so often recently I find myself wishing the children would just "go and play" so that I could finish my task in peace. It isn't like I don't spend a lot of time with my children. Rarely are they out of my sight unless they are sleeping.

During the summer we practically lived outside, but now that shoes and socks are needed, it takes a little more persuasion for the children to go outdoors. But if I set aside whatever busyness I'm into, and go out with the children, they love it.

In the summer there is many outdoor tasks to keep me busy while the children play in the sandbox, ride bike or run in the pasture. But now, most of the work outdoors has ended and I find myself just sitting on the swing watching the children play - and feeling that I'm wasting time.

Why is it that I can't enjoy being still? Why do I see my success hinged on what I accomplish?

I don't have answers. Just what I'm thinking today.


  1. loved it, so glad you shared your day with me. It is so true about weighing our success on what we accomplish in the run of a day instead of just being who we are and enjoying each other. You are blessed beyond messure to see that and not wake up one day and wished you had seen it sooner. God bless.
    Anita Ross

  2. This is my VERY favorite time of year! You got some wonderful pics of you & your family enjoying it:)

  3. what a lovely post - the thoughts and photos. I especially loved your little blondie putting leaves in the basket.

    I have some of your same thoughts about sitting and watching the children play. I really do feel itchy and impatient. I would rather play with or work with them. Thank goodness they think raking leaves is fun right now :)

  4. I'm so glad you shared this- I have 2 more days of busy and then I'm done. I feel forewarned about how I'll be feeling. From this side of the work though it can't come soon enough, but I can easily imagine feeling itchy to do something. Your walk looked lovely and I'm sure the children had such a wonderful and memorable time!!

  5. Soon enough it will be cold and snowy or rainy. Don't be afraid to take time now when it's beautiful.

  6. What a lovely day... I can see why you were out in it. If I have a day like this I'm outside too. I don't have children, but my thought is often the same... why do I always feel compelled to accomplish something. If I'm sitting still I have a needlework in my hand or am reading about stuff I should try doing. It's good to have a strong work ethic, but sometimes I feel it's an addiction. I am sometimes just so thankful when night comes and I can collapse into bed.

    If I didn't have breaks at work I wouldn't get any blogging done either.

    Hope you have a wonderful day full and kids and lots to do ;)

  7. Beautiful pictures. I enjoyed walking with you and your family.

  8. Thank you for the timely reminder to enjoy life, children, husband-TODAY. I can indentify with what you said about needing to accomplish something in order to feel worthwhile. It's an area God still has much refining to do in my life. Hugs, Sherilyn

  9. Enjoy reading your thoughts. I find it hard to relax without feeling guilty. Tell me when you find the cure (not 9 months of bedrest, though!). lovely pictures of fall with your family!!

  10. Answer to your question...........because you are MOM!


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