Friday, October 29, 2010

Tattler Reusable Canning Lids

Purchasing something just to throw it away irks me. Our culture is filled with single use disposable items and I've been trying to eliminate as many as possible from our home.

I think that is one reason I love canning. All those shelves of wonderful jars that can be used year after year.

Except for the lids.

I will admit that I sometimes reuse jar lids (or flats) if they appear in perfect condition but reusing traditional Ball lids isn't reccomended.

That is why I was excited to find out about the Tattler reusable canning lids. These lids were designed to be reused. The lids are made of a hard plastic with a lifetime guaranteed. But, according to the company, in over 30 years, no customer has asked for a replacement.

The lid is fitted with a rubber ring. These, too are reusable though with time may need to be replaced. The lids and rings are fit onto an ordinary glass canning jar with an ordinary metal bands.

I tried using the Tattler lids when making applesauce this fall. It did take a little more time to adjust the two piece lids and rings. When tightening the metal bands, Tattler recommends turning the band back 1/4 inch to allow venting. After removal from the canner, immediately tighten the metal band firmly.

The lids to not have the familiar "ping" sound when cooling to indicate that they have sealed. After cooling completely, remove the metal bands and check by feel if the lids have sealed.

Out of twelve Tattler lids I used the first day, two did not seal. I was disappointed, though occasionally I have a regular Ball lid not seal. I guessed that I did not tighten securely. The next applesauce making day, I reused the two lids, tightened a bit more securely and this time they sealed perfectly.

In all, I was very impressed with the Tattler lids and look forward to gaining more experience with them in the future.

An added benefit (and maybe most important to some canners) is that the lids are BPA free. Apparently Ball lids contain BPA. I always figured that with home canning I was avoiding the BPA in metal cans. Since food didn't actually touch the lids, I didn't lose sleep over it. But for tomatoes and acid foods like pickles which are more prone to BPA problems, I'll probably lean toward using a BPA free product now that I know one is available. To me the reusable quality was more important than BPA free.

Maybe a more significant issue is cost. Tattler lids are not cheap. A pack of three dozen cost 20.95. That is about $7.00 a dozen. I figured that this summer I used 375 lids, over 30 dozen. Buying that many reusable lids is rather daunting and would add to the cost of home canning.

On the other hand, I'm young enough that I may can for 30+ years. By then the cost would be pennies. Then I could hand them down to my daughters, along with my canning jars and stainless steel pots.

I could probably use some lids more than once a season. For example, when I get out a jar of applesauce, I'm using the Tattler lids first. Hopefully by the time I can deer meat in December, I'll be able to reuse my dozen Tattler lids. Is it obvious I'm trying to talk myself into purchasing more?

Do any of you use Tattler lids?

You can find Tattler lids at their website or call 877-747-2793.
Tattler gave me one dozen issuable lids to review but all opinions in this review are my own.
Thanks to Homestead Revival who first introduced me to Tattler lids.


  1. Interesting!!! I didn't know reusable lids existed...I was just thinking about this as I threw a lid away after finishing a jar of canned pears.

    Thanks for the info!


  2. My mother always reused her Ball lids! But I don't. And I agree with you about eliminating disposables.

    So I'll be following with interest as you use the Tattlers.

  3. I'd be very interested to hear next fall if they stay sealed! That is, if you've still got anything in the pantry. I worry about these coming unsealed after sitting for awhile...

  4. Hi Gina! I couldn't help by jump in and give an update on my own experience with the Tattler Lids. And I'm LOVING them. So far, only one did not seal, so I just put it in the fridge and used it right away. Besides all the benefits you mentioned, I just feel like they are REALLY clean. Just a reminder for readers, you must turn the lid back 1/4 inch BEFORE processing and then tighten it down immediately when you pull it out of the canner. This is the trick!
    Happy canning!

  5. I love this!!! I hate throwing the lids away, and I also dislike the BPA problem!! I am excited to try them out!!

  6. I have never heard of Tattler lids! But I have used a resealable lid that I found in Oh. It looks like a metal mayo lid except it can be resealed. I have had success with them but can not find them locally.

  7. Incredible that you mentioned these just now. A friend and neighbor of mine just mentioned these to me and we are considering purchasing a quantity to get a better price. Saving up for them is the challenge. She read a story of a lady who had used them for 10 years before needing to start replacing. That would be a huge saving in the long run!
    Maybe you could find some others near you to join you in a purchase and get a better deal.

  8. Amy -
    Thanks for sharing your experience. And for introducing me to these lids!

    Tancy - I had not thought about getting a discount by buying in bulk. I need to check into it! I'm assuming the lady you mentioned that used them for ten years before wearing them out was referring to the rubber seal that you can buy replacements - and not the plastic lid that is lifetime guaranteed. Hope you share your experience with Tattler lids.

  9. Yes, Gina. I'm sure it was the rubber part.

  10. I have read about these also, but live in Canada and have been unable to local them here in the rural area. I suspect we will get them soon. Thank-you for your report on these. I do a lot of canning.


  11. Hi Gina! This is so very interesting to me! Can you buy them anywhere or do you have to order online or at a specialty store?

  12. I have been thinking of purchasing these. The bulk pricing is 278.00 for 500 lids. I canned about that many jars this year alone. I caculated it would take 6 to 7 years to break even on the cost. I am done with canning this year so my decisions will be made for next. Please let us know how they hold up for you through the winter and reusing!

  13. This is interesting! I thought that lids cannot be used for the second time.

  14. I personally have not tried them - but I want to! I've read several peoples blog posts about them, and the general consensus seems to be that every year they buy a few dozen of these instead of the disposable flats (while still buying flats to get the needed number), and in a few years they plan to have the needed number. One lady even did the math and figured out that for her area, she broke even by the 3rd canning use, but noted that for some people it could take as many as 8 uses to break even on the cost.

  15. Hi :) I so agree with you for eliminating disposable lids. I started testing the Tattler reusable canning lids last August. They are more expensive but I hope to recoup my costs over multiple uses. So far I really like how the Tattler lids perform!

    Like one of the commenters,I too am in Canada but have been having my lids shipped to my US address. I think they will ship to Canada as well and you might even be able to find Tattlers in the St. Jacobs area of Ontario.

  16. I am going to buy these and think the expense is totally worth it. I always can produce. We raise our own pigs, beef, and my husband and son hunt deer. The quality of the metal lids and bands are very poor quality now and I lose a lot from the lids rusting inside and I am afraid of the product in the jar. So I throw it out.I don't trust it. The bands rust badly from being in the can house. I usually can 300-400 jars each year, so the expense is worth it to me.

  17. Thank you very much for the review. I think I'm going to poke around your site...looks like you've got some good stuff! :)

  18. I just started pressure canning and bought a lot of jars and then 3 dozen wide mouth tattlers. They worked great. I also found another reusuable lid called the "4ever recap" ... the cost for 500 is $220-$230, a considerable savings. I don't know if they're compatible with the tattler or not, but I think I will purchase some of these later

    1. Just a note to any who read this comment about 4ever Recap lids. I have not tried them but have read reviews like the one here that discourages me.

      Do your own research.


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