Monday, October 4, 2010

Hamburger Soup

When I think soup - this is the recipe that comes to mind. My mom made this many many times through the years. If I ask Ed what kind of soup he wants me to make, this one is usually at the top of the list.

I've served this to many friends at informal winter meals and often we are licking the bowl clean.

Hamburger Soup

1 large onion, chopped
1/2 cup green pepper, chopped
1-2 lb ground beef
4 cup tomato juice
2 tsp seasoning salt
2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
1 cup carrots, diced
2 cup potatoes, diced
1/2 cup flour
4 cup milk

In large pan, brown onion, pepper and ground beef. Stir in tomato juice, carrots and seasonings. Cover and cook until carrots are partly tender. Add potatoes and cook until tender. Combine flour with one cup milk. Stir into soup. Add remaining milk. Heat for several minutes until hot through and serve.

Come back for another soup recipe tomorrow!

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  1. Okay, I have a question for you.... I am pregnant with my first child { third pregnancy after two miscarriages} and I have really bad morning sickness. My honey is a dear to help me when he can, but he has to work every day and can't help me with dinner. My morning sickness lasts all day and sometimes I can barely make it into the kitchen to make dinner. Did you have bad morning sickness with any of your children, and how did you do dinners? I would have froze meals beforehand, but this was a surprise pregnancy as I just got over a miscarriage a few weeks before we found out, and morning sickness kicked in real quick.
    How did you survive????

  2. Oh, we LOVE this soup! It freezes well too, which is a plus!

  3. Brittany -
    Congratulations! I remember how thrilled my husband and I were to be pregnant with our first child after a miscarriage! But, you poor dear! Sounds like a rough time! I never had bad morning sickness, so really have no hints.

    Do any of you readers have any ideas for Brittany?

    The only thing I can encourage is keep it simple. Bagged salads, canned soups, subs, boxed cereal, pancakes... Don't worry about winning any gourmet cook awards, just focus on simple, easy, and nourishing.

    And believe it or not, the time will go fast! I never was morning sick but I was terribly tired at the beginning of pregnancy. I felt like I couldn't stand on my feet some days. But it is totally worth it!


  4. Hello, I just found your blog and wanted to say Hi. I've enjoyed reading a few post and will come back to read and visit more. God Bless.

  5. I had terrible morning sickness with all 4 of my kids. I agree with Gina. Getting something on the table is more important than anything else at this point. I don't know if you have friends or family in the area (or if you belong to a church) but people are usually more than happy to help if you ask. Hang in there I know it's incredibly miserable, but you can do it!

  6. How great! I bought a big can of tomato juice a little while back but never used it for what it was intended! Can't even remember what that was anymore! I have been praying each time I see that can, "Lord, could I please find a recipe for that?" How great!

    And for Brittany, I agree about having things easy! If there are things you could maybe do in bigger batches, like cooked meats, and use smaller portions of them for burritos/salads/sandwiches??? Hang in there!

  7. I must make a complaint here. For the record, YOUR POST MAKES ME HUNGRY! ...and I really don't need to eat anymore today.

  8. We love soup when it's cold out and it's getting pretty chilly here! Thanks for posting..this one sounds great :)

  9. Ooooh! I am totally making this for dinner tonight. It's chilly, and rainy and some hot soup and fresh baked bread sound like a perfect combo. Oh, and maybe some pumpkin cookies if I can pull that off too!:) Thanks for keeping all the great recipes coming our way Gina!

  10. Gina - this soup was really good! I used 1/2 a bag of frozen mixed veggies instead of the carrots (that was what I had in the house). I had leftovers for lunch today!

  11. We had this soup yesterday - very good! I used my canned tomato soup (your recipe!) instead of the tomato juice, because I don't stock tomato juice. And it was very good.

  12. I made this today and it turned out amazing! I used canned stewed tomatoes so it wasn't as red in color. My son who doesn't care at all for green peppers even loved it! This will be a new family favorite! Thanks for sharing and may the Lord bless you and your family!


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