Monday, November 16, 2015

Grocery Shopping Week - A Christmas Countdown

A friend asked me this past week if I was keeping up with this Christmas countdown and had all my Christmas shopping done.

No, not even close. Most days I'm not getting anything done besides the basic cooking/cleaning/childcare. Time for extra projects of any sort is rare these days.

And that is okay. I'm not doing this Christmas countdown to make me or anyone else to feel behind. There is still plenty of time before Christmas. But for me, this countdown means that I have begun. I have made some lists and when I do find a few spare minutes, I'm making tiny steps of progress.

Some days, just beginning is the hardest step. So I'm happy about starting even if I can't brag of completed projects.

This week is grocery shopping week and this is actually one task I have accomplished.

Last week my mom was keeping my children for me while I had an appointment so I took the opportunity to stop at the grocery store and do a major stock-up. It is rare for me to go shopping without my children and I made the trip worthwhile.  My cart was heaped so high I could barely push it. It felt so good to have that project done.

I had more than Christmas on my mind. I bought newborn diapers and other items that I want on hand before the baby is due. As much as I hate shopping, it is a relief to have this checked off my list.

Of course I'll be at the grocery store again in the next weeks, but at least I was able to stockpile many of the non-perishables.

What about you? Will you be hitting some of the grocery sales in the weeks before Thanksgiving to stockpile some grocery basics?

Prepare - Grocery Shopping Week - inspiration from last year


  1. Hi Gina,

    Living on the Montana prairie affords us the opportunity to raise, grow and wild harvest a large portion of our foods. Thus, when harvesting we try to put up enough to last an entire year. For items we don't produce or harvest ourselves, I make a large shopping trip at the end of October or first of November to stock up for at least six months. When our temperatures are bitterly cold (sometimes 30 below zero), the winds are howling and the snow is several feet deep, "shopping" from our basement pantry is such a relief.
    I also go on a large shopping trip each spring. Stocking up again in the spring saves me hours of time (we live more than 90 miles round trip from the grocer & drug store) which allows me to stay home and focus on the many, many farm chores and projects that good summer weather allows us to get accomplished.

    Blessings to you and yours,

  2. I am a 51 year old woman married but no children. I came across this blog and I am so thankful! What a blessing it has been to me! It has become a bright spot in my day and it is always included with my morning devotional. I am so inspired and so moved by your way of life. God bless you and your home and family. I can't tell you what an inspiration it is for me. You've made a new friend in Tennessee!


  3. My husbansd and I work at a boys home. We have many mouths to feed. Today I went grocery shopping for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm definitely glad that's over. We grow alot of veggies to eat year round. Then once a month I go shopping. Sometimes sooner! I'm usually finished with my Christmas shopping by now. Just seems like time is going by so fast. Just want you to know what a blessing it is to read your post. May God bless you and your family.


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