Friday, November 13, 2015

Camping at The Farm

With dairy farmers and busy schedules, my family rarely spends a whole weekend together. This past weekend was the first time in six or so years that we attempted it.

But it was so worthwhile, even though some were coming and going throughout the weekend to take care of the cows back home.

Our camping destination was a little mountain farm about an hour away.

We hung out in the barn for most of the weekend.

A perfect place to enjoy meals, games, and just gabbing.

 I woke in the early morning to hear the sound of the basketball on the barn floor hours before breakfast. After staying up late, I couldn't believe the youngsters' energy level.

Those with endless energy (that wouldn't be me) biked,

took walks in the woods,

and played cornhole (plus soccer and football).

Pipe cleaner glasses are great assets for the cornhole spectators.

Or you could just hang out with cousins in the leaves.

And of course, we ate.

When my family is together, food is always the main event.

Each family took turns planning a meal, so we had a constant stream of good food.

And if the November chill got to you, the barn's coffee and snack bar was always available.

What are you enjoying this November?


  1. Looks like fun times :)

  2. That is so neat! So cozy and rustic and lovely! Is that a family barn, or do they rent out to others? :-)

  3. Oh Gina, I think this is what so many families are missing nowadays! Fun times with family, food cooked outdoors over a fire and just being together. I have fond memories of times like these as a child. It seems everyone is wrapped up in this fast paced world and there's no time to enjoy our blessings. Glad you and your family were able to squeeze in one more family get together. It’s 30 degrees here in Kentucky tonight. (Brrrr...) Won't be too many more outdoor activities since it feels like winter is on its way! God Bless ;-) By the way, love your blog!

  4. Great family fun, and great memories :) Beautiful pics for a beautiful family

  5. What a great time for you and your family!! It looks as if everyone from Grandpa on down to the little tikes had a ball. These are the memories to cherish!

  6. Hello Gina,

    Spending time with your extended family is such a blessing. It sounds like you all had a terrific time and was abundantly blessed. Thanks for sharing with us.


  7. Wow, its so nice to see extended family enjoying time together. This is what I want for my children. I am hoping that this will work out when they are older. I wish we had better relationships with extended family. However many are not Christians, my parents are divorced, some of my husband's family does not speak to us regardless of us trying to have a relationship, etc. its so sad. Plus others are so "busy". So we keep praying for healing with relationships and hoping that perhaps we can be the start of something. I know you don't take it for granted, but what you have in your family and extended family is such a blessing.


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