Monday, July 2, 2012

Off The Shelf - June

A review of books read last month..

Picture Books
The Night the Angel Came - Sharilyn Martin
Beautifully illustrated true story of a little Korean girl in her new home in America. Perfect story for any child who struggles with fears in the night.

From Dawn till Dusk- Natalie Kinsey-Warnock
Love the illustrations (same artist as Snowflake Bentley) and view of country life in Vermont.

The Boy Who Held Back the Sea - Thomas Locker
Another well illustrated book - this with old fashioned paintings.
(Is it obvious that illustrations are important to me!)

The Black Book of Color - Menena Cottin
An unusual book that seeks to give a child a view of what it is like to be blind. Every page is totally black with colors described only with words. Includes braille letters.

In the Garden - Peggy Collins
A favorite with my younger children. A fun view of gardening from a young child's perspective.

Chapter Books
I forgot to mention any chapter books last month so this includes the books we've read the past several months.

Little Pilgrims Progress - Helen Taylor
I remember loving this book as a child and could wait to introduce it to my children. They loved it too.

Adventures of Richard Wagner - Opal Wheeler
We have enjoyed several of Wheeler's biographies of composers. They are somewhat similar to the Childhood of Famous Americans series.

The Story of the Treasure Seekers - Edith Nesbit
This and the next book were enjoyed as audio books from Books Should Be Free.

Richard of Jamestown - James Otis
Based on the life of a real character. A great introduction to the early American history we plan to study next year.

Adult Books

Loving the Little Years - Rachel Jankovic
Somehow with all the reading I did last month, I didn't actually complete many books. Maybe that comes from working on too many books at the same time! The one book I did finish was a thin book with short chapters, perfect for a busy mom. And the author knows about busy motherhood, she has five children, including a set of twins, and the oldest is age five. Jankovic knows about bickering in the back seat, whining at the table, chaotic trips to the grocery store, and temper tantrums -  and best of all she gives practical advice to deal with it all. But mostly she talks about my attitude as a mother and how that affects my home. Highly recommended for any mom of littles.

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  1. My husband has a sister and brother adopted from Korea through Holt International so the first you listed in special to us too.

  2. I enjoy getting your recommended reading. Now my son and I have some new books to read this summer! You do a lot of reading. Where do you purchase your books? Many of your recommendations are not in our public library. Do you use a Nook or Kindle to create your wonderful library of books? I am considering e-books and wonder if it is a frugal way to create a library.

    1. I don't have a Kindle, though I do read some e-books on my computer. I request a lot of books through inter-library loan. I also go to a lot of used book sales - far cheaper than buying new. Paperback Swap is another place I get excellent books but you do need to have some books to swap. I find books through used online services like and buy other books on Amazon or Rainbow Resource.


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