Saturday, July 21, 2012

Corn Day

This week, most of my family got together to do corn.

A friend lent us their corn silker. The youngest children could push the corn into the silker. It saved an immense amount of time.

 To keep the heat out of the kitchen, we cooked the corn outdoors. The corn was placed in an old pillowcase...

  cooked in an iron kettle over a propane stove...

then cooled in a tub of water.

A big project is always more fun when it is shared.


  1. This reminds me of when we did apples as a group. It is always more fun when there is someone to work besides you.

  2. That looks like corn day at my house. "-) My husband's family gets together each year to do it. The past two summers, my husband has planted the patch in our fields so corn day was at our house.
    Enjoy your corn this winter when the snow chases all thoughts of summer heat from your mind! :-)

  3. Looks like so much fun! Love to see how the children help.

  4. Hi, Looks like everyone had fun! Do you freeze or can your corn?


  5. Love the kettle/pillow case idea! How efficient!!

    This is such a blessing that you can all get together and get this work done and still get your visiting in. :) Bill and I were just talking the other day about how difficult it is to get together with friends & family when you live an agrarian lifestyle while no one else does. I love watching the way your family comes together over butchering, canning/freezing, and especially the dutch oven cookout! (We are so going to start that tradition with our family when our kids are older!!)

  6. I love family shared tasks. Great teaching for the young'uns too.

  7. Beautiful pictures ! Simple life !!!!

    amitiƩs de FRANCE

  8. I love it! Do you freeze it or can it?

  9. Did you can the corn after? I love the feeling after doing a big project with lots of family helping out. It feels good. Lily. xxx

  10. What a FUN way to put up corn. I may have to try your idea and get a few helpers this year, too! The big kettle and pillow case are genius:).


  11. I never knew there was such a thing as a corn silker. I guess that shows that I am the daughter of a fisherman, not a farmer :)

  12. Several of you asked if we are canning or freezing the corn. We freeze corn. It tastes much fresher that way. We only blanch the ears of corn, then cut them off, and freeze.

    A corn silker was new to our family too. A couple years ago, a friend bought one. Now I think we are getting spoiled!


  13. I never knew a corn silker even existed. How neat!

    Freezing corn is our preferred method of storing it, too.

  14. This looks like lots of fun. I really like the idea of a corn silker. Working the corn up outside is much more fun than inside and as you say keeps the house cooler too. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  15. This is so wonderful to see and learn about. As with the other readers' comments, I too never knew of a corn silk remover. What a wonderfu invention! I also like the idea of putting the corn into a pillow case and then into a large tub of hot water. When I farmed in southwestern Minnesota as a bachelor, I just walked out into the commercial corn field and grabbed enough ears of corn for supper each night. Now that I have a wonderful family and a wife who loves to can, I will suggest this method for easier and quicker canning. Thank you very much Gina! August Thurmer

  16. wow, those are some clever time savers for large amounts!


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