Friday, July 6, 2012

Making Lavender Infused Oil

My mom shared with me directions on how to make lavender infused oil. Since my lavender plant was blooming like crazy and the directions couldn't have been easier, I decided to try it.

I first filled a jar with lavender flowers. Then I poured olive oil over the flowers until they were covered. After tightly sealing the jar (I placed a piece of plastic wrap over the top then screwed on the lid) I placed the jar on a sunny windowsill.

I planned to leave the jar there for 2-6 days, shaking the jar every day, but to be honest, I completely forgot about the jar. A week and a half later, I poured the contents out of the jar into a sieve. Using a spoon, I squeezed as much oil out of the flowers as possible. 

If I wished, I could have put fresh lavender blooms into the oil and repeated the process to infuse more fragrance into the oil but this oil has a lot of fragrance already.

What do I plan to do with my lavender oil?

I'm eager to try using it as a massage oil. (Anniversary coming soon!) I'm also guessing it will work well in my homemade lotion.

Simple, green, frugal - my kind of project!

Note: This lavender infused oil is not to be confused with lavender essential oil which is made by a distilling process.


  1. I hope to get some lavender growing here soon. I can almost smell the oil;)

  2. I love the smell of lavender too. I used to have a hedge of lavender and my neighbour complained about the smell!

  3. I love lavender scented things (the real lavender scent. So much of commercially sold 'lavender' scented products are not true lavender). I have the essential oil for many things like headaches, etc but this oil I am going to have to try for lotion. Thanks for sharing the recipe with us.

  4. That does look easy to make.. thank you for sharing and stoping by my blog to read my Called To Worship ...

  5. Thanks for sharing...I bet it smells wonderful!

  6. Ooooh! Thanks for posting! We're heading over to our other house tomorrow, and I was planning on harvesting from the giant lavender we have growing there... was wondering what I should do with it. I wonder if the scent would stay around if the infused olive oil was used in soap? Hmmmm... may have to try...

  7. Hi! The lavender oil sounds lovely. Is there a recipe on your blog for your homeade lotion? Thanks. Nancy

  8. As I use olive oil to wash my face, I might try this with my lavender blossoms to change up my face washing routine!! Thanks for sharing this =)

  9. I have "Since my lavender plant was blooming like crazy" envy! I've been trying for years to get lavender to grow. This year my seedlings were doing so well... until I planted them that is. I'm stubborn though, so I'll try again next year. :) Looking forward to the day where I can try making your lavender infused oil!

    1. Quinn-
      I have found that lavender doesn't start the best from seed. Why don't you try purchasing a few plants and see if that works better? I like Hidecote and Munstead lavender the best.

  10. Oh, this is very interesting to me! I buy a tiny bottle of "Rose Oil Perfume" from Bigelow for my perfume, but it's over $15 (not bad for perfume and it lasts about 8 months). I have some wonderful old roses with a great scent that I'm going to try this with to see if I can make my own perfume oil. Thanks for the inspiration, Gina!


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