Tuesday, June 16, 2009

From Paradise to Paradise - book review

From Paradise to Paradise by Darletta Martin

Knowing my love of local history, my husband told me about this book they were printing. (My husband is a printer.) When he told me that it was about one woman's life and the length of the book, I thought it would have to be very dry and boring. I was wrong! This book is a very interesting chronicle written about the life of Leah Martin who lived most of her life, all 101 years, a few miles from our home. Her great grand daughter compiled the book from various family members diaries. My husband, and maybe some of you, know many of the people described in the book. But even for someone like me, who does not know the characters involved, it was still a worthwhile read! I especially enjoyed the details of how the World Wars and Great Depression affected their lives. But mostly, I was encouraged by Leah's example as a wife and mother. Through sickness, everyday struggles, joys and many changes, her faithfulness to God and her family is worth emulating. For those days that I wonder what importance is found in my daily homemaking tasks, a book like this one is what I need to read!

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