Monday, June 15, 2009

Freshly Squeezed Lemonade - the easy way!

I wrote about an easy method of making freshly squeezed lemonade before. But, if you are like me, nothing beats real photographs for understanding! So I'm reprinting the recipe with pictures this time!

4 lemons
2 cups sugar
1 gallon water
Cut two of the lemons into eighths.
Place in the blender. Cover with water.
Blend quickly but don't puree. There should still be small chunks of lemon remaining.
Set a gallon pitcher in the sink with your colander over it. Pour the lemon mixture into the colander.
Run water through the lemons and squeeze well. Do the same with the remaining two lemons.
Keep running water through the lemons until you have one gallon.
Add sugar. Stir well, cool and serve!
You can also not add as much water, freeze until needed, then thaw and add the remaining water. My mom made many gallons of this lemonade for our July wedding!
Somehow, I think lemonade tastes better when poured and served in glass! Don't you? This jug is a old milk jug from my grandparent's dairy.

If you want strawberry lemonade, just blend a few strawberries and add to the lemonade. Fabulous.


  1. Sounds delicious. The jar brings back many good memories of your grandparents dairy.


  2. I made this again today, thankyou Gina!

    Lisa in Aus.

  3. Just tried your freshly squeezed lemonade but halfed the recipe. Verrrrrry good!!!!

    Linda in WV

  4. VERY nice. Thanks so much. I have the old fashioned lemon juicer and it drives me nuts---this will save alot of time! Best of all, no waste and I wont have all these frozen lemon peels sitting around in my freezer :)

  5. I WILL be doing this soon! I LOVE lemons and lemonade! I bought me a bag a week or so back and need to use them before they go bad on me. I like this easy way of making it. THANX for sharing your ideas!
    I'm getting pretty close to getting all my notebook binder recipes together to. Worked a lot on them today. Will have to post pix on my blog when I get them finished. I am making all them match so they will look nice in the cabinet.


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