Saturday, June 20, 2009

Children's Garden Update

Our children's garden is growing!
The beans are starting to grow up the poles.
The corn and sunflowers are tall enough to see the effect of the maze!
The fact that we've gotten this far without the two year old destroying everything, is amazing! He loves to use his little hoe and shovel in the garden with no thought of what may be planted!
You may be able to see the effect of mulch. Where we layered cardboard and grass clippings, no weeds. Where there is bare dirt, despite weeding, we still have weeds! The grass bagger on our mower is one of my best friends!


  1. Your children are beautiful!

    Please tell me more about the cardboard and grass!
    You've got NO WEEDS compared to my garden!!! :-) How did you put down the cardboard and grass????

  2. Donna - Thank you!

    Pictures can be deceiving! There IS weeds in my garden, I just didn't take pictures of the worst parts!!!

    This is actually the first time we used cardboard, though we have used newspaper. We just laid cardboard down between the vegetable rows, overlapping the edges and covered them with grass clippings. We only did this in the children's garden and I'm anxious to see how it works. The rest of our garden has grass clippings in the paths. It makes such a huge difference in the weeding! The only places weeds appear are in the actual vegetable rows and where the grass clippings are thin. By fall the grass clippings will have composted. I was just at my in-laws garden tonight. They cover their entire garden in newspaper. They stand the newspaper in a bucket of water so that they are saturated and don't blow away immediately. They make a thick layer over any exposed soil and then cover lightly with grass. Maybe it doesn't look as nice as rich brown dirt but it sure looks better then weeds! And a lot less work! Okay, this is getting very long!!! Did I answer your question? Gina

  3. Yes you did!!!
    Thank you very much!
    I tried just grass clippings, but it didn't work so well. I will have to come up with newspaper or cardboard! My garden is fairly small but we are working ourselves something awful on weeds! (crab grass!)
    thanks again!!

  4. Yuck! Crap grass is awful!!!! I have some spots with crab grass and there is nothing that seems to work except Round Up which I hate to use! And even that doesn't totally kill it! I think crab grass was given as a reminder that I'm not in heaven yet!!!


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