Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Choosing His Words - Part 8

For the first week or two of the new year I asked some friends to share on the topic of Bible reading. Often we women feel guilty and frustrated about our Bible reading habits and I hope this can bring inspiration.

Today we will hear from two moms of young children. I think many of us can relate to this season of life. 

Guilty, yes. Discouraging, yes. I have this idea of how it will look: early morning, a quiet half hour, a clear mind. But it never works that way for me. My mornings are all different. Quietness is impossible to find. If I do read early I'm so tired I end up falling asleep. And feeling more guilty. If I read during the day there is no quietness, and my mind is crammed with other things. More guilt. I wish I had something positive to share, but honestly, all I feel in this area is need.  - Amy E.

I have many regrets about my Bible reading habits in these interrupted-night years. I remember the daily newspapers I have skimmed, some 300 or so, while I supervise play. I picture how tall the stack of periodicals would be that I have read, cover-to-cover, here and there between tasks. And I wince when I recall the few books of the Bible I have read and fewer I have studied. My goal is to try harder to stick to a specific time and routine for my Bible reading, and/or purpose to rise earlier than the short people in my house to make it a priority then. How do others make it happen?  - Kathryn S.

Do you have any encouragement for young mothers like these two?

The next couple days we'll hear from some moms who are past this stage in life who might have some tips for us.


  1. I no longer have preschoolers, but one thing I found helpful in those years was to read Bible stories to my children and discuss with them the lessons and truths in those stories. Sometimes it's amazing what insightful comments you'll hear from a 4 or 5 year old and their faith can be inspiring to a weary Mom.

  2. Hello. Yes, I have some encouragement for these young mothers. I am an older woman who had two teenagers when our last child was born. I was 43. This child was like no other I had ever met. She was very consuming and high energy, so I totally understand that every day can be different. I could never find anything that worked for more than a few days. She is eleven now, and our home school is still that way.

    First, I want to remind you that this is one season, and the seasons do change. Our Heavenly Father knows your needs right now. He knows and has a plan for the little ones He has given you. Just as you would not want your children feeling guilty for what they haven't accomplished, I don't believe He wants us to live under that cloud either. Just as you surely encourage your little ones each day, I feel certain He has encouragement for you, but perhaps in smaller portions that may be easier to digest.

    I remember singing to my little ones and reading their toddler Bibles or story books, and many times I just meditated on those simple messages. I remember getting up early to spend quiet time with the Lord, only to have my daughter blast into the room, climb into my lap, and ask me to read to her instead. I regret that I was not always happy about it, but she was thrilled when we read her Bible together. I would just look up to the Lord and tell Him that I knew it wouldn't always be like this. I wish I had soaked in more of her joy at the time. I think that would have been more important than checking of my list of chapters read.

    God knows our frame. He also knows our hearts. If you can only sing a hymn with worship in your heart, I feel certain that He understands. Sometimes the simplicity of children's books have great lessons that can encourage us. Sometimes "Sunday School stories" can speak to us in a new way. God can fill us, even in small bites. It's better to read and meditate on one scripture than to feel guilty about all we can't fit in, or to stuff in so much we can remember anything.

    I want to encourage you to remember that, for this season, you haven't been called to be a Bible scholar or a great evangelist. You have been blessed and called to be a mother. Don't let anything steal your joy.

  3. I wonder if we do not perpetuate too much guilt in busy young mothers by setting unrealistic expectations. We all need spiritual nourishment, but too much guilt is counterproductive and self destructing. I expect the devil enjoys seeing us labor under loads of it. Scripture says that God gently leads those that are with young. I believe that He understands the challenges that mothers face and has ways of nurturing them, too. That being said, if we are honest, we all know if we are giving other reading precedence and it is possible to make commitments that give God's Word priority. Beyond that, thank God for the bits of nourishment you go d during the day rather than wasting emotional strength on guilt. Find ways to keep God's Word in places where it will meet your eyes. Read good stories to your children. Teach them good songs- their childish voices will bless you. Help them learn Bible verses. What's good for the child is good for the mama and your teaching will come back to encourage you. I remember what it was like to have 5 preschoolers. There were many ways that God sustained and brought encouragement.

  4. A little thing: if you have Pinterest and like scrolling through it, look up either vintage postcards with scripture, or modern scripture calligraphy, and make a board for pinning those. Then others automatically show up in your feed, and they can really make a person stop and ponder them.

    ~Grace be with you - Titus 3:15 :)

  5. I am a busy homeschool mom and I know all too well what it feels like to not get everything done, especially reading my Bible. But God has been teaching me a lot and I am finding my time with him more and more precious just like I can't live without Him and his words. I am finding I will make time for what is important to me. Its fine to tell your little ones that "mommy needs some time with God". Sometimes my children have even asked me to read the passage I was preparing to read. I know, I prefer my quiet time alone, but God understands and can bless me with some thought to take with me when I read to the children. To those struggling with guilt, take courage! God will bless you with his words if you really seek him; even if it is just a verse for the day. God knows when our hearts are turned toward him and loves to bless us.

  6. Having had 7 babies over the years, I sympathies with the cry of these busy mothers. Two simple things that have and continue to help me... 1. While in my teens, I committed to spending a minimum of 5 min. a day reading the Bible. and 2. I have committed to read the Bible prior to any other "for pleasure" reading in my day. Reading the Bible while nursing the baby is a wonderful use of time - at least if the toddler/preschooler is not by your side with their book. Blessings to you busy mothers. Keep hungering for Him.


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