Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Choosing His Words - Part 2

For the first week or two of the new year I asked some friends to share on the topic of Bible reading. Often we women feel guilty and frustrated about our Bible reading habits and I hope this can bring inspiration.

I’ll be honest: when I read Gina’s request my initial reaction was not a calm joy but a horrified, “No way! I’m not __________enough for that!” I tried to think what modifier belonged in the blank – good enough? Dedicated enough? Holy enough? Old enough? (Maybe all the above.) I share this, not as humble-bragging but so you know I’m fully as human as you; flawed but forgiven; worshiping with – at times – a wandering heart.

Journaling the Word was an idea I first got from Bethany Eicher in this post. As someone who thinks best with a pen in my hand, I was still surprised what a difference it made. I’ve written out several books of the Bible since then, and now I have my own Journaling Bible with wide margins for sermon notes, cross references, quotes, and other jottings. I love it, love it.
We’re not all wired the same and this may not work for you. But if you enjoy writing, and typically write lists and other notes to yourself, it may be a tool you’ll enjoy too.

This year I’m hoping to read the Bible through in chronological order, following a plan I found online. So far I’ve never managed to read the entire Bible in a year, so if I state my goal publicly here you can all hold me accountable.

Remember that the power is not in the organized plan, the Power is in the Word. And if I stay there, the Word Himself can bind even my wandering heart to His. - Marlene B.


  1. Marlene, your last paragraph is so powerful. A friend once told me she changed her Bible study method when she discovered that it was good to stop reading when God spoke to her heart and study just that portion instead of continuing to read just so she could check off the appointed verses or chapter for that day. For some that's a hard concept since we are list makers and get the satisfaction from finishing the list, but to what end if what we read doesn't impact our lives. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Thank you Gina for this reminder... At the start of a new year, I often find myself spending plenty of time cleaning and straightening up my house. How much more "needful" to focus on my heart and take stock of my spiritual growth; to be intentional about my walk with Him! Thank you Marlene (& Darletta) for offering your thoughts on this - I appreciate the chronological plan you linked to since I really like the plans that place some of the Psalms in their chronological spot too. - Suz

  3. "flawed but forgiven; worshiping with – at times – a wandering heart." Yes, I can identify!
    I remember reading that post from Bethany and I went through a few books of the Bible that way. Memorization goes best for me if I write and rewrite, therefore writing down what I read helps it stick with me better. Thanks Marlene and Gina!


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