Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Kitchen Bloopers - or Creativity

A few weeks ago I tried making pita pockets. Sourdough pita pockets. I didn't have very high hopes so was astounded when they turned out far better than I imagined.

 The pita pockets actually puffed!

My family enjoyed stuffing the pockets so much that I made them again a week later.

Apparently I had beginner's luck because this time NONE of the pitas puffed. I now had a batch of flatbread.

Scrambling for some ideas to feed my hungry crowd I turned them into personal sized pizzas. I raided the fridge for leftover chicken, brocolli, cheese, alfredo sauce, and BBQ sauce.

The children loved making their own pizzas. In fact it was such a hit that I've made the recipe since then just so we could make pizzas again.

And never again have they puffed like a real pita should. I don't know what I did wrong, but anyway, we found a new favorite.

What creative ways have you found to utilize a cooking flop?


  1. How creative of you! I can see the happiness on the children's faces. They must have loved making their own pizza's.

  2. I am smiling here..this has happened to me too. Sometimes my pita breads puff nicely and the next time they fall flat. We made personal pizzas from our 'flat' ones too:)

    1. And here I thought I had an original idea!

  3. I had a cheesecake fall apart while transferring it to a plate today :( Good thing it was just for us!

  4. I wonder if sometimes the weather doesn't have to do with some of this stuff. Seriously.

    Or, over another.

  5. I once had blueberry muffins stick in the tin so badly that they came out in chunks, not even resembling muffins. So as to not waste all those ingredients, I turned the muffin crumbles into bread pudding. It was delicious! Unfortunately, I remember to spray my muffin tin now, so I haven't had the need to make it again.

  6. The children are really growing ,especially the baby. You are my favorite blog and you bless me each time I read your posts.Good job Mommie and be blessed !

  7. I made them a few weeks ago for the first time and only 2 of them puffed completely. Then I overbaked them because I obeyed the instructions of the recipe to a T. I did make a little pizza with some of the flatbread but I admit I through some out because after 2 days it wasn't very good for anything anymore. If it hadn't been overbaked I could've kept it longer. It wasn't even worth freezing! I plan to try again soon.

  8. That looks wonderful and your children look like they are having a lot of fun, so cute !!
    Have a wonderful day.

  9. You make me want to give pita bread another try! Mine weren't sourdough, but I tried a yeast batch once and they didn't puff. Months later I tried again and they did puff. That time I didn't roll them out as thinly, and after rolling I gave them a little extra time to rest/rise before baking. It seemed to help, but I still wouldn't trust myself on them. It seems a bit luck-of-the-day-ish.


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