Thursday, April 3, 2014

Books on Bats

Our family has been reading about bats recently and enjoying the many fascinating facets of this creature.

What to learn about bats too? Here is a list of the picture books we enjoyed from our library. Some of these repeated information, but each one was helpful.

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Shadows of the Night, The Hidden World of the Little Brown Bat - Barbara Bush
One of my favorites, this book describes details of the brown bat, one of the most common bats in North America. Well illustrated.

Bat Loves the Night - Nicola Davies
A simple story of the pipistrelle bat, one of the most common bats in the world. Superb illustrations combine perfectly with the poetic prose.

Bats: Biggest! Littlest!  - Sandra Markle
Journey around the world to visit various types of bats. The photography makes this book a winner. A map at the back of the book shows where various bats were photographed.

Zipping, Zapping, Zooming Bats - Ann Earle
A readable informative book on the wonders of bats.

Bat in the Dining Room - Crescent Dragonwagon
(Whew, how would you like that name?) A just for fun book about the chaos when a bat appears in the restaurant. 

Amazing Bats - Seymour Simon
Bats - Elizabeth Carney
Two more bat books containing great photos.

Since we've learned how helpful bats are, we'd like to attract some more to our home. Have any of you built a bat house? Do you have information or a links to directions?

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  1. I have a story on my blog about a bat. But that's a horror story. At least for me it was lol! So I guess we're pretty good at attracting bats INTO our home :)

  2. Oh, you forgot STELLA LUNA by Janell Cannon. My girls loved this book about the little lost baby bat.

  3. In Pennsylvania bats are the leading carriers of rabies. don't invite them over! Check with your State Park officials for more information.

    1. You are right; bats are one of the leading carriers of rabies in our state. I would never want them in my home! Like any wild animal, bats should never be touched. But I do think bats give us huge benefits in the outdoors!

    2. Bats love to eat mosquitos .


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